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January – make it tasty

As we have moved swiftly through January, the weather has thrown all she can at us, battering our shores. But, deliciously heart-warming suppers bring comfort to our curtained homes. Let’s close the month with more tasty ideas as well as a ‘Slange Var’ toast to Burns Night.


Slange Var


Join us as we raise a toast to the memory and  creativity of the great Scottish Bard, Robert ‘Rabbie’ Burns. Burns Night celebrates his Birthday on 25th January with a classic combination of haggis, neeps, tatties.

Raise your glasses with the toast – Slange Var!


The traditional Scottish Gaelic toast when raising a glass to say ‘cheers’ is Slàinte mhath which is pronounced slan-ge-var.



…for those signature runny yolks in our Haggis Scotch Eggs:

Boil a pan of water and lower 4 eggs into the pan using a spoon to avoid the eggs cracking. Cook for 5 minutes and then lift out into a bowl of iced water to cool the eggs rapidly. This will allow the shells to come off easier and keep the yolks runny.

If you prefer a set yolk, cook the eggs for another 3 minutes.

See Andy’s full recipe HERE – Enjoy!

Wine with that?


It’s always good to have a glass of something to celebrate a fine meal, so your Food Lovers Club Newsletter will share a wine review, particularly if the wine has its own story to tell.

The Black Stump Durif Shiraz 2021

After the aroma of Ripe plum, blackberry, raspberry, cinnamon and clove spice, the taste is rich and smooth, full-bodied, super-ripe black fruit and spice.

Another year and another vintage – winemaker Alan Kennett (Big Al) has pulled out all the stops to create yet another sublime ‘Stump’.

He combines Australia’s two powerhouse grapes – Shiraz and Durif – to make a super-charged black red, packed with ripe velvety fruit layered with spice.

According to winemaker Alan Kennett (and thousands of Black Stump customers), when you combine Durif and Shiraz magical things happen.

Enjoy the magic.

[Our thanks to the team at the BBC Wine Club and the MWs at Laithwaites]


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Air Fryer Snacking - HOW TO


Resident Chef, Andy, shows you how to prepare the filling for these teatime Potato Skins, which he finishes off in the Air Fryer. Perfect for after-school tums – HERE.

Habanero Potato Skins

Welsh Rarebit

Welsh Rarebit is a tasty treat at any time you need a hearty snack. Great value, great taste – particularly served with our Red Onion Marmalade … yummy!

This from Resident Chef, Andy – HERE.


Crumpet Turnovers

This simple Air Fryer breakfast from our friend Emily @whatiateforbreakfast. – HERE.


Korean BBQ Wings

Wonderfully tasty in moments – HERE.



Better with Batter


RNLI ‘Gratitude Video’ (below)


To achieve a truly ‘British Batter’, there are two musts – firstly, a fizzy, bottled amber ale such as Adnams Ghost Ship; and secondly, baking powder. Together, they achieve a lighter, airy batter that helps the ‘fish supper’ without dominating the beautiful fish.

Battered fish, whether from the frozen section of the supermarket or fresh from the fryer at the chip shop, needs something to cut through the inevitable fat.

The classic, of course, is Tartare Sauce.

Ours is a smooth creamy sauce jam-packed with coarsely-chopped gherkins and capers for a traditional accompaniment to fish.

It’s not nearly as harsh as some. In fact we call it ‘Tartare, without the tart’!

Other sauces that slice though the fat and raise the taste game are our Real Mayonnaise and Real Tomato Ketchup.

The R.N.L.I.

Our seas and coastlines are a great provider. To care for and enjoy their produce is praise indeed.

When we think of battered fish, spare a thought for the battered crews that bring their catch in.

With thanks to the RNLI whose efforts are made possible by public donations alone. If you would like to help them help others, you can do so HERE.


Seafood Sensations


Pan-fried salmon is not only good for you but has that uniquely comforting taste that makes you smile.

With a simple salad and squeeze of lemon it’s a joy, but a joy that often needs a lift.

Take a look at our delightful Mayonnaise Family and see what sort of a lift you would like to give to your own seafood sensations… HERE.

Will it be zesty Sicilian lemons and aromatic dill, or punchy Habanero chilli?

Take the Tofu Challenge


Tofu is a very flexible meat alternative and we have two simple recipes to get you from zero to tasty in minutes.

Andy has had his creative Chef’s hat on again to create this Vegan alternative to Fish ‘n’ Chips. In it, he uses our Mustard & Dill Sauce, another friend to fish. You’ll find the recipe HERE.

It is a spooning sauce with a gentle mustard tang and aromatic dill chopped into it. Spoon it over smoked salmon for the Scandinavian flavours of Gravadlax.

Two other Tofu challenges to try:

Sweet Chilli Tofu Stir Fry


Note Chef’s great Tasty Tip about the rice.

Vegetable Tofu Ramen


This is absolutely brimming with Oriental flavours.

Breaking Fast


Like any Tesla car, it’s always best to top up before you leave the house, or you’ll be wasting hours in service station Costas, KFCs and Noodle Bars!


Do you know the official difference between a Croque Monsieur and a Croque Madame?

Well, it’s simply that Madame gets the egg!

We can’t keep the Tesla going but our sauces are guaranteed to get you going – packed with natural ingredients, for natural flavour.

Full breakfast on the plate or on the run – perhaps something lighter … we have sauces for every occasion.