Stokes, passionate advocates of quality, taste and social responsibility

Every staff member shares our passion for quality In the kitchens, bottling and distribution facilities at The Old Stables, Rendlesham, long-serving staff share the passion and care for the sauces, relishes, dressings and preserves they make. Skills are gained through an intensive process of training and mentoring. It takes great experience to know just when the red onions have caramelised to the perfect intensity for our Red Onion Marmalade. Knowing eyes watch the blackcurrants simmer until just the right moment, perfect for bottling as Stokes Extra Blackcurrant Jam. We all take great pride in what we do.

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Taste without compromise

Carbon Charter GOLD – ‘because life is precious‘.

This is such wonderful news. We have once again been awarded the coveted Carbon Charter GOLD, an accreditation of Stokes’ passionate commitment to the environment.

Our planet is precious, we don’t own it, we share it and have a responsibility to protect it.”

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Taste without compromise

We’re a family business with a caring heart

The Old Stables, Rendlesham, is a unique, inspirational environment, an artisanal idyll -perfect for creating exceptional sauces. We care about our people and, unusually, our animals. The walled gardens behind the Old Stables is home to a growing menagerie of rescued animals. Pigs, sheep, peacocks, hens, geese; rheas and emus, cats and dogs; Bennetts wallabies, cattle and goats all happily sharing their peaceful new lives. It’s a great place to make great sauces.

Recycling our ethical challenge

Since Stokes began creating amazing ketchup, mayonnaise and sauces 15 years ago, we have avoided using plastic bottles. Our bottles and jars are stylish and distinctive, reflecting the quality of what they contain. Plus, they are reusable and fully recyclable.

Use, re-use, recycle

Overwhelming customer demand for squeezable Stokes encouraged us to move in that direction early in 2015, though it took four years of research to finally get there. We spoke to various suppliers before finding one in particular who’s global efforts to reduce and eradicate the environmental impact of plastics have impressed us greatly.

They have developed a plastic bottle for us that is 100% recyclable.

We are not replacing glass, but adding plastic bottles as another option for those customers who prefer to squeeze. It was a fascinating exercise and one that increased our environmental drive to deliver a ‘zero landfill’ policy.

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