Why choose Stokes

We make everything to our own treasured recipes in the Old Stable, Rendlesham. Some of our classics are traditional, proven and delicious. Others challenge tradition, creating refreshingly scrumptious variations on conventional compositions.

Our difference is — delicious…

Stokes Sauces Taste


The product of fantastic home grown recipes; longer, slower cooking methods; and experienced passionate staff.
Stokes Sauces Quality


Achieved by sourcing and using only the very best real food ingredients for a real food flavour - no compromise.
Stokes Sauces Responsibility


Our promise is to source sympathetically, minimise production waste and maximise recyclability.
Food Made Better

Our Recipes

These are a collection of tasty tips from our kitchen staff, friends and customers. Yes, you can dollop our award-winning tomato ketchup onto the side of your plate, but there’s so, so much more to enjoy from each jar of pure deliciousness.