We're a saucy bunch

I started Stokes sauces back in 2004 out of a passion for great food. It’s super simple, but a favourite of mine is Baked Beans with a good dollop of our Tomato Ketchup!

Commercial Director

I’ve been with the company since the beginning in 2004. Both Chilli Jam and Sweet and Sticky BBQ top the list of my favourite Stokes products.

Operations Director

I’ve been part of the Stokes team since the very start. One of my favourite products is Chilli Mayonnaise which I most enjoy with Spaghetti Bolognese! Don’t knock it till you try it!

Non-Executive Director

I’ve enjoyed working at Stokes since 2004, I particularly like our Piccalilli especially with a pork pie!

Marketing & Personnel Manager

One of my favourites is Stokes Chilli Jam with tempura prawns, it takes me straight to foodie heaven!

Senior Operations Manager

I’ve been transformed from being an anti-ketchup man to having it on almost everything thanks to Stokes!

Quality and Systems Manager

My favourite Stokes sauce is Sweet & Sticky BBQ, I love the Maple and Horseradish flavours, it’s so versatile!

Sales Manager

My favourite Stokes product has to be the Bloody Mary Ketchup which is the perfect accompaniment to my Bacon Rolls, and Scrambled Eggs.

Sales Operations Manager

My favourite Stokes product is Red Onion Marmalade and all I need to enjoy it is a spoon!

Health & Safety and Training Manager

I love all our products but particularly like our Garlic Mayonnaise and Sweet and Sticky BBQ Sauce which I enjoy with BBQ’s.

Quality Compliance Manager

It’s a tough choice, but my favourite product is our Tomato Ketchup. Great quality, taste and versatility!

Production Supervisor

My number one has to be the Brown Sauce closely followed by Chilli Jam. Cheese and crackers are just not the same without it!

Machine Operator

I’ve been with Stokes for over 15 years, and in fact, was the very first employee! I don’t think you can beat our Garlic Mayonaise with a hot bowl of chips!

Customer Sales and Development

It’s a winning duo for me. Our Mayonnaise and Sweet Chilli Sauce really adds that something special to chicken dishes.

Warehouse Team

Coronation Sauce is my favourite Stokes product. Great with salad and a great accompaniment to hot crunchy chips!

Food Made Better

And Over 60 More Hard Working Individuals

Our team of over 70 is described by the founder Rick as the best 70 people working in Suffolk.