We simply wouldn’t make it if we couldn’t make it amazing

Stokes’ ketchups, relishes, jams and chutneys, do more than tick off condiment needs on a shopping list. Stokes is a product your customers love, from a brand they trust, provided by a retailer that delivers their valuable shopping experience, you.
In the kitchen, the restaurant and the bar, put a smile on your guests’ faces. Make your difference delicious too.

Sensational ingredients, wonderful taste, happy customers…

bacon sandwich
stokes sauces taste mortar@2x
Try it, love it, stock it, sell it

Stock and serve the brand your customers trust

As an independent retailer, carrying Stokes shows you too care about quality food. The casual browser becomes your loyal customer because they know you meet their discerning needs.

Products are our own creation, developed by us to our own unique recipes and made by us on site here in Rendlesham, Suffolk. We carry A Grade BRC Food Safety Certificate, which is a credit to our quality control and part of the reason you will be assured of consistent quality and service each time we process, check and deliver your order. From store cupboard essential to seasonal must-haves, we’ll help you decide what to stock and when; provide Barker Cards and tasting notes and show how best to use Stokes’ tasting pack.

Once your customers taste ‘delicious’, they’ll never look back.

Our most popular foodservice sauces are available in 2kg catering tubs. Use Stokes taste and texture as a flavoursome ingredient in gravy and casseroles in the kitchen. Dispense sauces to bar and restaurant service stations. Or, be proud of your condiments as we are -Stokes distinctive bottles and jars look stylish on the table. Customer-friendly easy to open sachets have a generous helping of Stokes goodness inside.

Red Onion Marmalade, Chilli Jam and Bloody Mary Ketchup are just some of the sauces in our 2kg catering tub range. Find the full list HERE.

From the humble chip to chef’s signature seafood platter, Stokes fine-tunes the finish with a refined dollop of excellence.

Taste without compromise

Lift your Guest Experience to new levels of ‘wow’

From your kitchens through front of house to your floor staff, understanding and serving Stokes quality and taste will drive guest experiences to new levels of ‘amazed’.