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Converted from Heinz

I had my first tasted of your tomato ketchup this weekend having been given a sachet with my lunch (a very generous sachet I should add) and was super impressed by the flavour. I’ve been a long time purchaser of Heinz but I’m totally converted, already hunted down where I can buy it. I’m going to have to try your brown and mayonnaise sauces !

Tomato sauce Reduced Sugar

I love this tomato sauce, it tastes of tomatoes, its not sweet or vinegar laden it's just tastes like a sauce should do,very good quality the best I've had,would recommend.

Sweet Chilli Sauce
Claire Smith
Chilli Sauce

Fabulous taste,not so powerful it takes your breath away,sweet not overly just right,I use it with balsamic dressing with my salads everyday,it's one of the best I've found,will be purchasing more.

Blackcurrant Extra Jam
Michael Hoare
Great jam

Excellent blackcurrant jam in every way - perfect consistency and just the right sweetness

Real Brown Sauce
Michael Hoare
Best there is

I have used Stokes brown sauce for years and absolutely no other sauce comes close.

Seville Orange Marmalade
douglas spooner

I have tried a lot of marmalade's and this is definitely the best not to thick it's got a nice little bite and more spreadable other ones seem to be more like jelly perfect for cooking certainly buy it again 🙂

Real Tomato Ketchup
Irina Yanvareva
Great product

Very tasty and high quality tomato ketchup. This is not the first time I order, my family really loves this product. I highly recommend trying it, you will no longer be able to eat any other ketchup.

You will be surprised

I got these to try a couple of different items but i was surpised how much was in a sachet compared to the normal ammount you find in some eating establishments.
I wish there was a salad cream because I am not a mayo eater .

Lovely sauces

I haven't tried them all but I have gone from not being a tomato ketchup fan to loving stokes.It is sweet and you can actually taste the tomatoes and best of all it is not acidic at all.
I also like the burger relish which again it was a thing I didn't usually eat.

A truly magnificent hot sauce

I tried this for the first time tonight, what a wonderful sauce, I had it with homemade lamb kebabs.
I took it easy as first, but it is very moorish, and by the end, I was putting loads on. I love the sweet back notes.
Eu adoro piri piri Português, extra quente com azeite, and this now makes a great companion for it in our fridge!

Real Tomato Ketchup
Stephen Vendy
One taste and your hooked

Had fish and chips in Southwold and was given stokes tomato sauce sachets that was it I've never brought any other brands since it's simply the best

Hoisin Sauce
Nick Nugent
Superb hoisin sauce

I've tried many jars, bottles and sachets of hoisin sauce but never bought the same one twice. Now I've tried Stokes hoisin, I will never buy another brand. Simply the best, by far.

Real Brown Sauce
Stephen Hills

I tried these again (previously used by a superior local farm shop Northcutt's) after an observation by the Bald Foodie guy and I was pleased I did. Just that bit more mellow, more fruity and less bitey than HP.

Mike H-W
A gastronomic pleasure

Proper piccalilli, complex mixture of tastes which develops with each bite. Haven't tasted better. Only two points I would make, it is a little expensive for the size of jar, but would certainly buy again

Real Brown Sauce
Mark Stevens
Best brown sauce ever!

The absolute best brown sauce I’ve ever had!

A wonderful flavour

As a person who suffers from gluten intolerance it is wonderful to be able to still enjoy a beautiful brown sauce without the health implications. Just love it on bacon sandwiches

Garlic Mayonnaise
Linda Garner

The nicest, mayonnaise ever , packed full of garlic but also very creamy

Real Tomato Ketchup
Linda Garner
Tomato sauce

Best sauce in the world, far better than heinz


Nothing wrong with the look or taste, but I prefer a thick marmalade, and this one could be poured from the jar.

An epicurean delight

The perfect addition to a proper, traditional, English breakfast, or even a bacon roll. Reminiscent of the old OK fruity sauce of my 1960's childhood. Definitely one to have to impress your visitors. Just bought some more in Waitrose for a rainy day.

Habanero Hot Sauce
Pamela McCarter
Very Hot

This is not for me but my husband said it is very hot, but has a lovely flavour - way too hot for me to handle!!

Real Tomato Ketchup
jacqueline Demeza
We don't use any other.

We only use stokes sauces now, the taste and quality is a must for us

Lovely Bloody Mary sauce

This has a lovely tang to it, although its very hot for me but lovely with burgers etc. Would definitely recommend to try

Food Lovers Bundle
Mark Collier
Perfect gift

Sent it to to friend in Gloucester who likes his food he is now a convert to stokes


Bought in error, my fault. Delicious pleased with my clumsy fingers