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Mustard & Dill Sauce
Andrew White
New size jar

I love the product but the hat seems to be quite a bit smaller but same price
All the customers struggling to find it can buy it directly from Stokes
Great service

Coronation Sauce
Ian Dewar
Smaller jars. Same price!!

We love this sauce BUT I have to add my disappointment at the reduction in jar size available. The old 360g size was great but to now find the size reduced by over a third with only a tiny reduction in price- its just not good value. Would have preferred to keep the original size and pay a bit more. Not good environmentaly- more glass and metal to recycle .


My son just loves this, please make it more easily available to buy, l tried to get some in Waitrose but they didn’t stock it, only Ocado do.

Chilli Ketchup
Lee Barry
Best one yet

Not much more to say than this is the best of the lot, so much flavour..


.....this 'n' that and enough of it! Match to your tastebud's wants, great!
Love it when we come across these sachets when eating out...they get eaten and spares 'stolen' for home!
Not me, I hasten to add but friends!

Favourite with...

......draft pork grilled 'bites' but good with lamb et al. So very tasty!

Chilli Jam
Sheila A

....that certain 'something' that adds to.....but doesn't take over.

Sheila A
A gift for a friend....

She likes it!

As tasty as ever !

If you thought reduced sugar would mean reduced flavour then think again, this tomato sauce was every bit as flavoursome and deliciously thick as the original - how good is that !!!

Chilli Jam
Sheila M Cornall
Excellent product

We love your Chilli Jam, full of flavour!
I use it when cooking a piece of salmon - spread it on top and a few knobs of butter - into the oven - delicious!

Real Mayonnaise
Simon Groom

Only Mayonnaise in our cupboard!

Sticky Pickle
Simon Groom
Sticky Pickle

Great taste

Marmalade connoisseur needs larger jars...

All these marmalades are simply wonderful - excellent in both taste and consistency; the only problem is the very small jars! Please do consider selling them individually in larger jars - especially the Rendlesham Marmalade.

Chilli Ketchup
Markus Schneider
Selection of Stokes Sauces

Stokes was recommended by a friend, and for sure it is wonderful
more natural and the best taste
Thank you

PS: Waitrose is selling cheaper than you!

Even better than home made

We have used a recipe given by a friend for many years and never discovered anything better in a bottle, until now! This Sweet and Sticky BBQ sauce from Stokes is just brilliant

Real Tomato Ketchup
Thomas Clark
Simply the best

I love Stokes ketchup, the best I’ve ever tasted


It’s my husband’s favourite ketchup

Small Jars

Have been buying the 360g jars for years, but why suddenly put it in smaller jars? - and to make matters worse they are at the same price. even the shop keepers selling it still are appalled at this! This action may price it out of the market - shame!

Lemon Curd
barry bracknell

Bought this for my 90yr old mum. She said it's the best she has ever had. Very tangy and tastes of real lemons, not like the cheap versions in the supermarkets.

Real Tomato Ketchup
barry bracknell

This is the best tasting ketchup on the market. Even hetter than any shop bought ones.


This mustard is so delicious and has a lovely intense flavour. In a ham sandwich it makes all the difference, but the best is when it is put on a pork steak before cooking. It really enhances the juices.

The best Mayonnaise ever

This is the most fantastic Mayonnaise I have ever had. It is so full of flavour. I will always be buying it direct from Stokes. The service is excellent and
everyone is so helpfull and friendly.

Real Tomato Ketchup
Leonard East

I didn't know there was an alternative to that other sauce but I'm really pleased that I came across Stokes Sauce it has more depth and is delicious.


This was bought as a gift and I know the recipients enjoyed it.


This was bought as a gift and I know the recipients enjoyed it.