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I’m totally hooked!

This Bloody Mary sauce is so good, I’m totally hooked and it will most definitely be a regular in my fridge from now on. I honestly can’t say enough about how amazing this sauce is.
Altho something I really think you need to look at is the amount of packaging this 1 bottle came in, it was in a small box with packing inside a big box with load of packing which I know is for protection but it was comical opening it all and then getting a small bottle inside. Next time I will definitely be buying in bulk but I just thing it’s something you should look at.

Really tasty

Bought on the back of a recommendation. Lovely, will definitely be back for more.

Still great product ,but big increase in price due to smaller size jar. Price's do go up but I would have preferred same size jar and pay a bit more .
This new size jar is barely enough for two adults for a main meal , have use more than one jar so it has become an expensive meal .

Dill and mustard sauce

Lovely sauce ,unfortunately not many local places sell rt

Smaller and more expensive

Great sauce, shame that we love it so much as Stokes decided to reduce the bottle size by 39% and while at it took the opportunity to increase the price per 100g by 39% from my previous order.

I see others have noticed!! Maybe Stokes should go back to using normal size Jars?

Tomato ketchup

simply delicious a nice tomato taste


I have to say this is the very best combination of heat and sweet!, this sauce is a wonderful accompaniment for all manor of dishes but I think with schnitzel and fries t truly excels.. 10 out of 10


Not a huge mustard fan but this tasted fantastic pasted on to a grilled pork chop.

Real Tomato Sauce

Since first buying this sauce I don't buy any other, ordering boxes of 6 large bottles to store way until needed. A real beautiful tomato taste.

Where has it gone

I bought two jars for my father and in four days one was gone, he said it was delicious 😋

Takes horseradish to another level

This is the best around. Great to blend with smoked salmon, cream cheese and creme fraiche for a quick posh summer pate. Lovely stuff!

A winner

So thick and creamy. Lovely taste and texture. A must with my salad dishes.

Just that bit different

Love it. Creamy and so tasty. Livens up anything on the plate.

Rich and tasty

Full flavoured, not too sour or sweet. In fact, just right. Spoils you for any other brown sauce.

Taste Sensation!

Tastes great and we have it with literally everything but takes the bacon butty to a whole new level!

The best marmalade

Have tried nearly every marmalade on the market. This is by far the best. So delicious, every bit as good as home made,

Very tasty good product as your others

As others products very good

Very good

Marmalade is still the same great quality but the Price is not.

The latest order received was of the same good quality marmalade but the jar size had shrunk from 454 g to 340g and unfortunately the price had remained the same. This represents a 25% increase in the price , for the reduced amount in the jar the price should have reduced by approx . 0.85 p a jar . Its a trend now to reduce quantity but not price.


best Dijon I've tasted in UK

coronation sause

very good product nice taste, only the jars are smaller down from (360gto220g for the same price

Great with pok

My wife really enjoys it more flavour than shop bought apple sause


All the sauces I have bought are first class and will be buying again
10 out off 10

Best sauce ever.

Since discovering Stokes brown sauce we would not buy any other make.
It has a unique taste and bacon butties would not be the same without it!