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Great Breakfast Collection

I only recently discovered you can buy the whole collection plus others e.g. roast dinner collection. Would make a nice gift as opposed to biscuits, chocolates, etc. We are working our way through the sauces, jam and marmalade not necessarily just at breakfast time! Would recommend.

Best Cocktail Sauce

By far the best I've purchased over the years compared with others on the market. Makes prawns taste delicious especially in a granary sandwich accompanied by chopped avocado - easy! Have just started to order online direct from Stokes - great service and an opportunity to choose from the whole delicious range.


Didn't think we would like this as much as we thought but this is lovely on or in anything, cheese, meat, pies, blob with roast meat, omelet and mixed with the filling for a quiche, cheese and bacon. One of our favourites is in a sandwich which is then toasted, we use Brie or Camembert with a handful of spinach leaves no butter just spread with the chilli jam, yum.

Super saucy

I ketchup with this sauce whenever I can.

If Carlsberg did chilli sauce.....

Probably the best chilli sauce in the world... Goes with everything, salad, meats, fish we can't get enough of it... It's only a shame it's not more widely available. My local butcher stocked this but could no longer get hold of it from his supplier, none of the supermarkets stock it so had to buy direct (which I don't mind but would prefer to support local).


Delicious selection of sauces, bloody Mary tomato ketchup (finished it already!) is my favourite so far, brown sauce is rich and fruity. Chilli jam is nice, a bit spicy and delicious with cheese (as is the onion marmalade). Chilli sauce is very tasty I've had it so far in stir fry. Still got the rest to try, can't wait! Would recommend.


Stokes Garlic Mayonnaise is a tasty addition to both hot meals and cold sandwiches. Delivery, packaging and product is excellent, 10/10.

Best one

A cut above all other tomato ketchups

Simply gorgeous

Discovered this in a deli whilst on holiday last year. It is now my favourite dressing on all sorts of dishes. Not too sweet, and full of flavour.

Delighted with quality and service

Had some trouble getting an order placed due to my lack of skills in navigating the website, but the Stokes Customer Services team were very helpful. All products are delicious, although my order contained two bottles of the tomato sauce and not the Bloody Mary version . Will definitely buy more in the future.

Extraordinarily tasty

We discovered this by chance when a guest brought one to a barbecue. Two cases of six bottles later, no other ketchup comes close. Simply delicious!


This is the nicest horseradish I’ve bought, will be sticking to this now, it’s the closest to homemade without the hassle. Would highly recommend

Taste test

Although I can't comment on all the products purchased as we have only tried the brown and tomato sauce. We previously bought brown sauce from Waitrose. And realising the product was made in the UK we decided to order a foodie parcel. Very pleased with the products we have sampled so far and look forward to trying the rest of the pack. It tastes so much better than well known brands. Keep up the good work.

i have not opened the jar yet

I will not be using this product for a few days .I suggest that you contact me again in a couple of weeks time

Best ketchup ever

We tried this ketchup in a pub and bought it online the next day, there is no question for me who loves her ketchup, I wouldn’t change to a different one anymore.

Great selection

My family already loved the tomato ketchup which is why I went in the site in the first place to order more. However when I saw your breakfast selection I thought we would give it a go. After a week nearly half a jar of strawberry jam has disappeared and a good third of the marmalade. So it looks like I will be ordering some more very soon! Quick delivery very happy family!!


Love the mayo, we get use a jar of mayo a week, lovely in mash potato and perfect for homemade coldslaw , and of course with tuna,

A personally satisfying range of products and a great service.

Rubbish, chalky and the "burn" is what English mustard is all about. Even Dijon is better than this

as per the title

Cheeseboard Heaven

This is without fail tasty with any cheese. Blue, brie.... I won't go on. I cannot handle not having this in the cupboard. Sooo scrumptious.


Watch out German may be seeing this as the ketchup of choice on all those street food CurryWurst stalls yet.. it's amazing. I love it with my fish and chips 🙂

The Only Horseradish

The only brand the only variety allowed on our dinner table. Even I like horseradish now and I never had done previously. Amazing in sandwiches.

Best chilli jam

Love this jam.. cannot fault it! Happy to pay for it as there is no waste. Great with meats, pies or cheese. Just love it!!

Delicious jam

Although the jars were quite small which makes them almost £4/jar and to me that is expensive; they’re very good jams!! Packed with fruit and flavour. For those of you who remember the old fashioned taste of proper jam.. they’re a very similar flavour. Very tasty indeed.


Ordered a few Gift packs for our own use .... good selection and great taste of the ones we have tried !