The quest for great taste began

Rick Sheepshanks founded Stokes with quality Mayonnaise as his primary goal followed quickly by Tomato Ketchup - so good it was the only way he got his daughter to eat vegetables.
stokes sauces taste mortar@2x

Great taste needs great ingredients

The product range started to grow and the quality refined by using the finest ingredients for home grown recipes and excellent, small-batch cooking techniques.

Compassion goes beyond the love of food

Rick’s passion for quality matched his compassion, giving shelter to rescue animals. The menagerie at Rendlesham has grown to over 250 happy pigs, sheep, cattle, wallabies, emus & rheas, goats, ducks, cats, dogs, and lucky hens.

New look, same outstanding quality

Time for a redesign to enter our 10th year. The fresh look, distinctive style, strong branding and informative packaging make Stokes the new favourite in shopping baskets across the country and beyond.

Going Global

Now exporting to over 50 countries - Stokes is available across the world. You can find us across Europe, the Middle East, the USA, and even the Caribbean!

We’re a ‘Coolbrand’

It's official - we're cool! Sitting beside the likes of Apple and Spotify, we make the annual list of Britain’s coolest brands.

Celebrating our 15th Year!

We are proud of our global recognition and brand status. We're prouder still of our team of over 70 hard-working individuals working together to make over 60 different products with the same original passion.