Ketchup & Sauces

Really tasty sauces made with great ingredients that will grace the side of any plate…

At the heart of our range of bottled table sauces is Stokes Tomato Ketchup, just about as tomatoey as a ketchup can get, reducing over 200g of sun-ripened Mediterranean tomatoes into each 100g of ketchup. It’s as delicious as an ingredient in a cooking recipe as it on the side of your plate.

For something a little more daring, our Bloody Mary Tomato Ketchup made with real vodka and Worcestershire sauce will keep your taste buds amused, perfect for that ‘morning after‘ bacon butty.

And there’s more as you’ll see in our wholesome ketchup range.

Or try any one of our speciality table sauces like our versatile Stokes Sweet Chilli Sauce – is it a dip, is it a glaze, is it a sauce? You decide!

Mayonnaise & Dressings

Deliciously smooth & creamy and each with an extra special taste…

It’s the eggs in Real Mayonnaise that makes it “real” and our mayonnaises are made with whole egg, have more egg than most others, and only use egg from British free range chickens. Our luxurious Real Mayonnaise has the extra special touch of extra virgin olive oil from Greece.

We like to think our mayo family has something for everyone and all flavoured with delicious real food ingredients.

Garlic Mayonnaise using just enough garlic to deliver a velvet smooth aioli-style sauce.
Habanero Chilli Mayonnaise is a hot and spicy Mayonnaise with deep flavour from fermented Red Habanero Chilli and fragrant coriander for real depth of flavour.
Mustard & Honey Mayonnaise is a rich and creamy Mayonnaise, made with Stokes own wholegrain mustard for bursts of mustard grain sensations, Stokes Dijon mustard and the delightful sweeter finish of fragrant blossom honey.
Sicilian Lemon & Dill Mayonnaise captures the Sicilian sunshine with this rich, fresh tasting mayonnaise, zingy with Sicilian Lemon juice and aromatic chopped Dill.


There’s a lot of character and fresh crunch vegetables in these chutneys, pickles and relish…

Again, it’s the quality of the ingredients and passion in the cooking that makes our Relish and Chutney range so deliciously good.

There is something for every palate and occasion: for cold cuts, ploughman’s, pork pies & cheese; in a sandwich a burger, or just dolloped on the side of the plate to add rich, intense flavour to al fresco dining when the sun shines, or a comforting meat and cheese platter when it doesn’t.

Whether it’s Red Onion Marmalade or Sticky Pickle there’s a lot of character in these chutneys, pickles and relish, from the classics like Piccacilli and Beer Chutney to our more exotic Fig Relish, Beetroot Relish and delicious Chilli Jam.


Jam-packed with fruit so they are bursting with flavour…

We go to uncompromising lengths to make sure the blackcurrants we use have that signature juicy sweet / tart flavour; the raspberries are rich, sweet and luscious; and the succulent strawberries have keynotes of Wimbledon.

Delicious on toasted crumpets, muffins or fresh baked bread. And try our thin cut Seville Orange Marmalade or Blackcurrant Extra Jam.

They all make delicious jam tarts too.

We like our jams bursting with flavour and lots of good quality fruit, which is why we only make ‘extra jam’. That means our Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackcurrant jams have more real fruit than regular jams, and that’s official.


Sauces that make the meal where a dash or a splash just isn’t enough…

Lift stir fries, oriental duck pancakes, leftover chicken and smoked salmon to new and dizzy heights of ‘yummy’.

We’ve prepared these classic sauces, made with real food ingredients, to taste just as they would if you had the time to prepare them yourself. Cocktail Sauce for seafood, Mustard & Dill Sauce for Salmon and other fish and Coronation Sauce, the creamy, fruity, curried classic for chicken.

Go on, make a meal of it!


It’s the real food ingredients in our classic condiments that give them their delicious full flavour…

Like the real cranberries crammed in to our cranberry sauce, the real mango jammed in to our mango chutney or real cider poured in to our Cider & Horseradish Wholegrain Mustard.

After all the place on the plate next to home-cooked food is a place to be earned.

Our Mustard Trio is a ‘must have’:
Our Cider & Horseradish Mustard is made with cider vinegar, British dry cider, horseradish and a blend of flavour-popping yellow & black mustard seeds.
For a smooth, strong mustard (but without the ‘burn’), go for our twist on Classic English Mustard. And our branded Dijon Mustard from Burgundy is an absolute French classic.

Remember, it’s the quality of your condiments that lift the quality of a Sunday roast.


Not sure what to buy them for ‘that special day’ or perhaps just to say ‘thank you’?

There’s something for everyone here, from key rings, aprons and tea towels to Christmas Gifts and special themed collections of sauces. The collections are selected by our taste aficionados such as the perfect – Breakfast Collection; BBQ Collections; Chilli Collections and much more.