Pride is our promise

If ‘traditional methods’ weren’t good enough, we had to challenge convention, put a twist on the classics, step beyond the ‘mere ordinary’ to create ‘extraordinary’.

By developing precious home-grown recipes; sourcing the finest ingredients; and helping our kitchen team with technology and technique, we achieved the difference.

We gently simmer 200g of sweet, plump Mediterranean tomatoes reduced into every 100g of our thick, juicy Tomato ketchup. It really is Mediterranean sunshine in a bottle of intensely thick tomato ketchup.

You can smell the grownup difference the moment you twist the lid off our Brown Sauce – rich with extra date puree, sweet with black treacle and a unique blend of Persian spices.

We drizzle the finest Rapeseed Oil into whole Free Range British eggs, finished to a lush velvety Real Mayonnaise by adding Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Koroneiki olives of Crete.

Taste without compromise

We simply wouldn’t make it if we couldn’t make it amazing

Taste is the most personal of the senses. What’s ‘wonderful’ to one may be ‘disappointing’ to another. So we work as a team when creating new sauces and sauce variations. Our taste aficionados develop the recipes, source and test the finest ingredients and refine the preparation, cooking process and cooking times, all essential to create the ‘wow’ factor we all enjoy.

If good food makes you happy adding Stokes will make you smile

By using more and finer ingredients made to really very special recipes we know that every drizzle, dollop, spoon, spread and squeeze of Stokes will be nothing short of amazing. Whether you pop it on the side of your plate or stir it into a gravy or casserole, the taste sensations are pure joy.

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