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The Big BBQ Weekend

A few years ago, a BBQ meant burgers, sausages and chicken, scorched on the outside and raw within. We’ve become far more demanding now and, thankfully, supply is meeting our taste bud challenges. Butchery counters, butchers and Farm Shops offer a rainbow of marinated goodies – so, let’s grill.


Hot, Hotter, Hottest


It’s not everybody’s cup of chilli, but we do seam to be choosing hotter chillies and warming spices in our BBQ sauces.

You can’t really get much hotter than our HOT Habanero Sauce. But even here, a very clever fruity relief follows the initial chilli hit.

It doesn’t have to be hot. Alastair Angus of Thurston Butchers recommends our Bloody Mary Ketchup.He says: “It’s got vodka and Bloody Mary spices in it. That combined with ketchup is amazing.” Try air frying these chips to serve alongside your BBQ’d meat selection.

If you’re cooking burgers, our ever-popular Burger Relish may be your tasty go to.Now that’s a burger. And that’s a Burger Relish. It’s a rich, slightly sweet tasting red pepper, tomato and onion salsa with a subtle note of chilli.Sausages, burgers and chicken will always be the “bread and butter of the barbecue,” says Alistair. “We rarely have an order that doesn’t include them. But we’ve noticed whereas it was all burgers and sausages 10 years ago and it was hard to get people to buy kebabs, they are shopping differently now. They are trying new things.Stokes BBQ Essentials Collection. Just £15 (+p&p).Stokes Chilli Tasting Collection. Just £18 (+p&p).

Touché - bring on the skewers


Skewers make a fabulous addition to a BBQ.

Thread meat; thread vegetables; thread a combo; marinate; grill; baste; share and enjoy.Strip the cooked goodies off the skewer and share amongst friends for a delicious variety of succulent meat and veg served on a flatbread or in a pitta. How good is that?

Product Review - Stokes Special Sauces



We call them ‘The Specials‘ but they’re naturally more colourful and tastier than their 70’s Two-tone namesake.

These are just three from the band:Sweet Chilli Sauce – with red chillies and red peppers, it bursts with the vitality of the orient. With its sweet, clean taste this sauce is deliciously versatile – use as a dip, a glaze, a marinade or the centrepiece to one of your great stir fries!

See and enjoy Chef’s tofu stir fry recipe HERE.Stokes Coronation Sauce – A twentieth-century classic. Creamy, fruity and spicy all at once! Made with apricots, sultanas and curry spice for the deliciously classic sauce for chicken – Coronation Chicken.Stokes Hoisin Sauce – A rich sweet sauce made with yellow bean sauce, soy sauce and little sparkles red chilli. This oriental classic will certainly have you coming back for more! A classic accompaniment to duck and great as a dip, marinade or delicious finish to a home-cooked stir fry.

Watch it transform this Vegetable Ramen recipe in the videoHERE.


Only Joking


No Choking, We’re Only Joking:

Q: What is a librarian’s favourite thing to grill during the summer? A: A shhhhsh-kebab.

Did you hear about the recent BBQ competition? It was intense, but the steaks were high!!!

Why not come to our BBQ? It would be great to ketchup and there’s other you’d love to meat.

Q: What do you call an overcooked steak? A: A misteak!

Q: What do you call a BBQ with no Stokes sauces? A: Pointless.

Q: What do you call a vegan BBQ restaurant? A: Closed.