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Picnics Tips & Foodie Tricks

IT’S STARTED –  The Sensational Summer of ‘Feastables’ for foodies, fun-lovers and friends. THE GREAT BRITISH FOOD FESTIVAL: Great Food – Fun Drinks – Live Music – Exciting Tastings – Chef Demonstrations – Craft Fairs – Kids Events – Something for Everyone … including YOU.


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To celebrate Stokes 20th Anniversary, we’ll be touring all over the country for a unforgettable experience. The Great British Food Festival is more than a celebration of food – it is a celebration of life and everything that makes life feel so … good.

Foodie Tricks

Meet the chefs and learn their tricks. Wow friends and relatives with new-found skills.Challenge Yourself

…or just watch the crazy happenings on the Challenge Stage – can you stomach it ! Can they?

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Picnic Pleasures


The English word picnic ultimately comes from the French pique-nique. Although, we Brits really take it seriously, from a coffee and sandwich at the side of the road, to the full tartan rugs, wicker baskets, champagne, fine food and great friends.

Your Picnic Treat of the WeekRainbow Salads

Re-cycle the tasty way, with Chef’s fun favourites for picnic feasting – see the recipe HERE.

The French word originally referred to a meal where everyone paid for or contributed their share of the food, but later came to mean a meal eaten outdoors.

The Picnic Sandwich

With a little clever thinking, you can create a salad in a roll. Turn a ham salad into a masterpiece with Caper Mayonnaise, simply chopping capers and mixing them with our Real Mayonnaise to taste.

Packed, wrapped and ready to go.Freshly Squeezed

To ensure you have the right condiments, sauces and chutney’s with you, either decant what you need into smaller jars, or try our popular ‘ready to go’ Sachet Selection.

Keep it Fresh

With a rainbow salad, picnic sandwich, sachets, fresh nibbles and pickles to go, your picnics will be better than ever.


Al Fresco & Picnic Drinks


You can blow the froth off a couple of beers, pour a peachy chardonnay, or even pop something light and bubbly … or, really get into the al fresco lifestyle.

Get fruity, bright and flavoursome with something truly refreshing.

The secret to a REALLY good Sangria:Maceration. Chop a selection of fruits – pears, apple, orange, lemon – coat with 3 or 4 tbsp of caster sugar and macerate in the fridge for a good couple of hours. This softens the fruits and releases their flavour. A bottle of red wine, glug of brandy, stirred and all topped with sparkling water to add life – yummy.

Iced Green Tea w. Lemon & Mint:Infuse 2 Green Teabags in boiled water (1 mug water per teabag). Stir in the juice of 1 lemon and half its zest and a couple of sprigs of mint (stems crushed). Cool, chill, garnish and enjoy.

Pomegranate PimmsTo make half a litre: 300ml Lemonade, 100ml Pimm’s, 100ml Pomegranate juice, pomegranate seeds and chopped cucumber. Chill, garnish, serve ‘wow‘.


Only Joking


No Choking, we’re Only Joking.


A day out without a picnic is like a sandwich without a filling.

Q: What did the Llama say to his Llama brother as they prepared for a picnic? A: Alpaca salad.

Q: What did the plate say to the picnic basket? A: Lunch is on me.

Q: How do you make antifreeze? A: Hide her picnic blanket.

Q: Why don’t eggs tell jokes? A: Because they’d crack each other up – and the yolk would be on them.

Q: How do you organise a picnic in space? A: Simple, you planet.

Q: What does the cloud wear under it’s coat? A: Thunderwear!!!