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Tapas Temptations

TAPAS – decorative, colourful, delicious and the perfect food to share with friends. Tapas, Bruschetta, Crostini – each has equal place on a spread fit for a Spanish King. Fish, meat, vegetables, salads, all assembled with inspiration and joy. TEMPTED?


Light Bites


‘Tapas’ actually means – to cover – and now translates culturally as small plates of food, light bites. The origins lie in Spanish bars, whose guests asked for ‘small plates’ to cover their glasses (to keep the flies off).

Switched-on bar owners popped a little something to eat on the plates as a welcoming gesture, and Tapas was borne.  Spicy Prawn Crostini

A thin toasted crunchy bread base with Stokes Mango Chutney, leaf of rocket, topped with a juicy prawn, and dusted with Cayenne pepper. Each wonderful mouthful (and it only takes two) simply bursts with tasty reward.Hoisin Duck

Bruschetta with a spread of spicy shop-bought red pepper hummus, topped with shredded duck and crispy onions bound in our Hoisin Sauce. (Serve warm or cold.)Mackerel Spread Bruschetta

Mackerel and our Creamed Horseradish Sauce is a perfect pairing. Flake the mackerel in a bowl, stirred in crème fraîche, lemon juice, ground pepper and chopped chives. Now, fold in our horseradish to taste.Condiments to Complement

Which Stokes’ condiments would you pair with these tasty Tapas pieces? Beetroot Relish would set the ham and anchovy off so well with its earthy beetroot shards steeped in syrupy red wine sauce.

The prawn salad at the back, would rise to the occasion with the help of our Bloody Mary Ketchup.

And the Spanish potato frittata bruschetta would love a choice from our velvet-smooth Mayonnaise family – perhaps the chilli kick from our Habanero Chilli Mayonnaise !


Simply Seafood


There is only a very fine line between the foodie fun of tapas and the culinary cuddle of sharing simple seafood.Cod Goujons

Crispy Air Fried cod goujons with our Tartare Sauce. Referred to as Tartare ‘without the tart’, these roughly chopped gherkins and capers push exciting flavours through velvety-smooth sauce – the perfect accompaniment to fried and battered fish.

Patatas Bravas, Albondigas – or Mini Fish Cakes

These little prawn and cod fish cakes are served with the brilliant Sicilian sunshine that escapes each time you open a jar of our Sicilian Lemon & Dill Mayonnaise.

The sharp lemon wrapped in creamy mayo, offset by aromatic dill, lifts the small plates to big taste.Simple Pleasures

Tapas in the better-known Spanish east coast districts is far simpler than the mini-gastronomic artworks of north western Basque regions.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with simple food, simply made so much better with a dash, shake, drizzle, dollop or spoonful of something essentially Stokes.

Plump prawns with the gentle aioli-style dip of our Garlic Mayonnaise is the perfectly fishy example.

Cheese and ...


Cheese & Biscuits, Relish, Chutney?

Are you a cheese & biscuits person? Or, is bread, perhaps French style, your cheeseboard go to? Personally, as long as there is fresh, crispy celery to hand, my cheese could not be in safer hands.Whether you choose to keep it simple or head along a less beaten path with innovative textures or flavour combinations, what makes a great biscuit can be quite controversial.

Taste is so personal.

Edward Hancock of Cheesegeek, in an interview with Speciality Food said: “A clean, crisp snap and a subtle flavour with a clean, short finish is ideal“.On the subject of Sourdough Crackers, Edward said they offer: “A clean, crisp snap and a subtle flavour with a clean, short finish is ideal, the last thing you want is the biscuit to bring too much flavour – it is a supporting act to the cheese, not a co-star,” he explains.The water biscuit, which takes its name from its simple recipe involving water and flour, is known and loved for its neutral flavour, paper-thin form and brittle crunch. Perhaps (surely) best suited for any range of fine cheese selections.Likewise chutney, relish, pickles.

Sometimes the compliment actually is the sharp contrast, taking cheese enjoyment in two or three directions at once, then returning to that overall sense of united pleasure.

Browse along the virtual shelves of our Relish & Chutney selections – HERE – and complete your cheeseboard in delicious style.


[With thanks to Speciality Food for inspiration.]

Only Joking


No Choking. We’re Only Joking.


Q: What do you call a confident tapas dish? A: ‘Bravas’!

Q: How do we know the Normans ate small portions of Spanish food? A: Because of the Bayeux Tapas Tray.

I had roast duck at the new Tapas bar. The duck was so small, but the bill was enormous!

Q: What’s the difference between a hippo and a Zippo? A: One is really heavy, the other is a little lighter.

Now then, let me tell you a little about myself. It’s a reflexive pronoun that means ‘me’.

I took my girlfriend to a Spanish bar at the weekend. It was a great way’ tapas’ the time.

Q: What does the cheese say to itself in the  mirror? A: Hallou-mi.

Q: How should you handle a particularly dangerous cheese? A: Caerphilly.


I’m going now, before you get totally cheesed off!