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A Tasty Round Robin for March

Mother’s Day’s approaching and we’d really like to help. Say Happy Mother’s Day mummy, mum, mother, ma, mama, мати, enjoying breakfast with smiles.


Mother's Day's Approaching


Happy Mother’s Day mummy, mum, mother, ma, mama, мати (to remember the mothers of Ukraine).

Continental breakfast in bed – salami, cheese, croissants, pastries and thick, fruity Stokes EXTRA Jam.

Hot toast, crumpets, muffins – running with butter and piled high with our Marmalade.

Full English fry up – well, you know how – but with so many wonderful sauces … it’s so hard to choose – HERE.

Or, think a little differently with a Croque Madame – and this simple recipe guideHERE.

Home Cooking - the EASY way


This is the EASY way to cook restaurant-quality meals at home, using simple ingredients, lifted with wonderfully authentic flavours, aromas and culinary twists from across the globe.

The concept is well worth reading about – HERE.

These ‘Meal-Making’ Sauces will fast become your NEW store cupboard essential; and, the EASY 3 x Step Recipes will help you effortlessly add to your exciting culinary skills.

Katsu Chicken Curry

Mild, fruity and tangy. A truly versatile Japanese-style curry, rich with soy sauce, honey & coconut. That’s our EASY Katsu Curry Sauce. Use it to create a classic Chicken Katsu Curry using this EASY 3 x Step Recipe – HERE.

EASY Shakshuka

Using our new EASY Salsa Roja ‘Meal-Making’ Sauce – a Mexican-inspired sweet red peppers, juicy tomatoes, jalapeño peppers and a little red chilli to finish. Get the Recipe HERE.

Rich Beef Casserole

Add the secret of any classic meal – a great sauce – and create restaurant quality meals at home. Read moreHERE.

Something Fishy on Your Little Dishy


When your boat comes in, what’s it to be?

We have a whole host of sauces that your fish will thank you for as much as the hungry tums at the table.

From classics

Tartare Sauce – Ours is a smooth, creamy Tartare Sauce, jam-packed with coarsely-chopped gherkins and capers for a traditional accompaniment to fish. Your fish will thank you.

to something rather special

Mustard & Dill Sauce – This warm potato salad with mackerel is finished with our very special Mustard & Dill Sauce, with its gentle mustard tang and aromatic chopped dill. It’s quite unique, with qualities that can turn smoked salmon into instant tangy Gravadlax.

and everything in between.

Have you met our beautiful family of exceptional Mayonnaise yet? Enjoy reading the tasting notesHERE.

And, how do you decide which sauce will give your chips that extra something special? To understand the origins is to properly understand the choiceHERE.

The Sauce of Choice


We all work with a passion for quality, which is surely why we win awards galore for Quality, Taste and Responsibility. But, perhaps our greatest accolade is the appreciation of people like you.

We were ‘Sauce of Choice‘ at the PGA last year; and rucked deliciously at Twickenham’s England Scotland match last week; and this week, we run out on good to soft burgers at Cheltenham.

We’re in pubs that ‘do posh’; cafes that that feature ‘tasty’; and restaurants who ‘love their guests’ and know that great food needs great sauce … it’s so good being tasty.