The Stokes Sachet Selection

The Stokes Sachet Selection

Perfect for food lovers on the go!

For foodies on the move!

This collection contains 8 of our generous ‘real-world portion’ sized size sachets perfect for keeping in the glovebox for trips to the seaside, to pop in the suitcase for nights away or to drop into a wicker basket for summer picnics to ensure that you are never without your favourite sauces!

This selection box contains the following Stokes’ sachets of sauce:

3x Stokes Tomato Ketchup – The star of the Stokes range! 200g of sun-ripened, juicy Italian tomatoes are crammed into every 100g of this award-winning ketchup, giving it a rich tomatoey flavour which makes you wonder how you hadn’t discovered it before!

2x Stokes Real Mayonnaise – It’s the egg that makes Real Mayonnaise real and we use more whole egg in our recipe than anyone else we know (12%). British free-range whole eggs at that too, and a healthy dash of Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil for a really luxurious finish!

1x Stokes Brown Sauce – If you prefer brown to red then this rich and spicy brown sauce is just what you need. Rich in date puree (9%) and made with black treacle and our unique blend of spices. Brings out the best in a bacon sandwich

1x Stokes Tartare Sauce – A smooth creamy sauce jam-packed with coarsley-chopped gherkins and capers for a traditional accompaniment to fish.

1x Stokes Original BBQ Sauce – Everything a BBQ sauce should be. Sweet, thick and smoky. Perfect to use as an accompaniment, marinade or a dipping sauce.

Contains 8 of our generous ‘real world portion’ sized sachets



Ingredients: Tomatoes (200g in 100g ketchup), Unrefined Raw Cane Sugar, Spirit Vinegar, Cornflour, Sea Salt, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Seasoning (Salt, Spice Extracts (contains Celery), Onion Extract).

Nutrition Average Values per 100g: ENERGY (KCAL) 120, ENERGY (KJ) 509, FAT (g) 0.1, SATURATED FAT (g) 0.0, AVAILABLE CARBOHYDRATE (g) 27.4, SUGAR (g) 19.6, PROTEIN (g) 1.7, SALT (g) 1.8.


Ingredients: Malt Vinegar (from Barley), Unrefined Raw Cane Sugar, Tomato Puree, Date Purée (9%) (Dates, Water), Black Treacle (8%), Cornflour, Seasoning (Coriander, Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon, Pepper, Cayenne Pepper), Sea Salt, Preservative: Sorbic Acid.

Nutrition Average Values per 100g: ENERGY (KCAL) 194, ENERGY (KJ) 825, FAT (g) 0.3, SATURATED FAT (g) 0.0, AVAILABLE CARBOHYDRATE (g) 45.7, SUGAR (g) 37.5, PROTEIN (g) 1.4, SALT (g) 0.8.


Ingredients: Tomato Purée, Sugar and Cane Molasses (21%), Water, Spirit Vinegar, Honey (5%), Black Treacle (4%), Rapeseed Oil, Seasoning (2%) (Salt, Sugar, Smoke Powder (Smoke Flavouring), Honey Powder, Tomato Powder, Thickener: Modified Maize Starch, Natural Flavouring Extracts, Smoke Flavouring, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Spices, Barley Malt Extract, Stabiliser: Xanthan Gum), Thickener: Modified Maize Starch, Garlic Purée, Preservative: Sorbic Acid.

Nutrition Average Values per 100g: ENERGY (KCAL) 192, ENERGY (KJ) 813, FAT (g) 3.1, SATURATED FAT (g) 0.2, AVAILABLE CARBOHYDRATE (g) 39.0, SUGAR (g) 26.0, PROTEIN (g) 1.9, SALT (g) 1.6.

Real Mayonnaise

Ingredients: Rapeseed Oil (75%), Free Range Pasteurised Whole Egg (12%), Water, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5%), Unrefined Raw Cane Sugar, Acid: Acetic Acid, Sea Salt, Mustard Flour.

Nutrition Average Values per 100g: ENERGY (KCAL) 742, ENERGY (KJ) 3054, FAT (g) 80.6, SATURATED FAT (g) 6.5, AVAILABLE CARBOHYDRATE (g) 2.7, SUGAR (g) 1.6, PROTEIN (g) 1.5, SALT (g) 0.6

Contains 6.6g per 100g of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Tartare Sauce

Rapeseed Oil, Free Range Pasteurised Whole Egg (10%), Capers (8%) (Capers, Water, White Wine Vinegar, Salt), Gherkins (8%) (Gherkins, Distilled Malt Vinegar (from Barley), Salt, Water, Acid: Acetic Acid), Spirit Vinegar, Unrefined Raw Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Mustard Flour, Preservative: Sorbic Acid.

Nutrition Average Values per 100g: ENERGY (KCAL) 619, ENERGY (KJ) 2546, FAT (g) 67.0, SATURATED FAT (g) 4.7, AVAILABLE CARBOHYDRATE (g) 2.2, SUGAR (g) 1.6, PROTEIN (g) 1.5, SALT (g) 1.9.

Customer Reviews

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Rena McDonald
Stokes sachets

I absolutely love buying this mix of sachets. I take them with me when I go out for lunch or dinner.

nicola bal
Love the sachets

Love the sachets but could do with a none mixed box as there are two I don't use. These are great to keep in my bag for when we go out, please sell single flavour boxes as not sure I will buy again.
Love stokes

Anne Khan

Thank goodness sachets are finally back in stock! Great taste perfect for one

Bev Meekings

These are just perfect for a little bit of flavor in your lunch box

Clive Wiltshire

No complaints about the sauces but disappointed I'm unable to purchase sachets from you! They are available elsewhere but don't think I want to buy 80 at a time!