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Family, Food and Easter Fun

The Easter Holidays are here (hooray) and we hope you find time to enjoy them. It’s a lovely time for families to get together, share stories and share plates of delicious food. Here are some tasty recipes and ideas to help you plan a wonderful weekend. Enjoy!


Hot Cross B&B Pudding


This is an amazing Easter dessert, and we have the delicious recipe to get your holiday plans started with a yummy – yes please – HERE.

Spicy from the cinnamon and mixed spice in the hot cross buns; tangy from the Seville Orange Marmalade; and fruity from the sultanas, orange zest and candied fruit; served with ice cream, it’s a family pleasing winner.

What else might you be enjoying this Easter?

Perhaps the following will help you plan a tasty one.  Enjoy.

Jam ON it


Spooned generously over a homemade or shop bought cheesecake, our award-winning Blackcurrant EXTRA Jam lifts an ordinary dessert to standards you’ll be proud to share.

The recipe’s right HERE.

Our Blackcurrant EXTRA Jam is simmered to perfection, with over 50% fruit, this jam is laden with real blackcurrants making it full of fresh fruit flavour and with a rich texture to savour.

The Great Taste Award 2021 awarded our Blackcurrant EXTRA Jam the coveted 3 Stars, making the following comments:

“An intense blackcurrant flavour and colour. The consistency is soft and velvety with good viscosity. The balance between the fruit and sugar is excellent.

Deep purply colour that is incredibly appealing on the eye, and that one judge remarked: belongs on a painter’s palette!

On our palates it is decadent, with the sharpness of the berries perfectly balanced with the sweetness. Texturally a delight. Sticky and luxurious.

This blackcurrant jam had a wonderful bright aroma — almost glowing! Would be perfect on yoghurt for breakfast as well as toast.”

Order your ‘painter’s palette’ – HERE.

... and IN it.


Andy – he’s our Resident Chef – has created this recipe for Chocolate & Raspberry Jam Brownies for our Recipe PagesHERE.

Learn how to make them ‘crispy‘, ‘squidgy‘ and ‘wobbly‘ too !


We go to uncompromising lengths to make sure the blackcurrants we use have that signature juicy sweet / tart flavour; the raspberries are rich, sweet and luscious; and the succulent strawberries have keynotes of Wimbledon.

Stokes use unrefined cane sugar, which is a typical artisan sugar. Produced in smaller batches, it is less processed and retains all or most of the cane molasses around the sugar crystals.

This natural sweetness and additional depth of flavour simmer gently with the extra fruit to give the deeply flavoursome jams we love to deliver.

Meat Free or So Meat'eee


Try Portobello Mushrooms, seasoned, drizzled with olive oil, gently roast for 10 minutes. With crispy salad, crunchy gherkins and a good dollop of Stokes Chilli Jam inside your favourite burger buns.


For the carnivores, a ground beef & pork burger grilled to perfection, stacked with lettuce, tomato, cheese and bacon all lavished with our salsa-style Burger Relish. Should really call it a ‘smile burger’.

Take a wander through the virtual shelves of our Relish & Chutney section – HERE.

Classic Condiments - On it & In it


What’s your Mustard choice? Classic English, smooth, flavoursome, warmth without the eye-watering burn; or seed-bursting joy with a gentle, lingering horseradish finish in our wholegrain Cider & Horseradish Mustard?

Sweet garden Mint SauceBramley Apple Sauce made with Bramley apples and dry British cider; Creamed Horseradish Sauce with single cream and shredded Essex horseradish root; and the fruit simply oozes flavour in our Redcurrant Jelly.

Such classic condiments make classic Sunday roasts. Whether spooned onto the side of the plate, or stirred into sauces, casseroles and gravy to add real depth of flavour poured over the plate. Make Easter tastier still.

Condiment Cornerwell worth a visitHERE.


S'mores and Lot's more


If you’re planning to fire up the BBQ for Easter, we can help – deliciously:

S’mores Galore

A box of biscuits, toasted sticky marshmallows, chocolate sauce, raspberries and our Raspberry EXTRA Jam, a little construction, and there you have it … S’mores – delicious as well as fun!

Easter with Stokes 'Fluffier' Friends


We’re a family business with a caring heart

The Old Stables, Rendlesham, is a unique, inspirational environment, an artisanal idyll – perfect for creating exceptional sauces.

We care about our people and, unusually, our animals too. The walled gardens behind the Old Stables is home to a growing menagerie of animals, rescued from often quite awful lives into our haven of peace and love.

Pigs, sheep, peacocks, hens, geese; rheas and emus, cats and dogs; Bennett’s wallabies, cattle and goats all happily sharing their peaceful new lives.

(It’s a great place to make great sauces too.)

Read more about our Environment & Community values – HERE.