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Go to Work on – ‘a Sandwich’

We are pleased to support the ‘Your Breakfast is Waiting’ campaign. The British Sandwich Association is encouraging those easing back into busy commutes, to enjoy the breakfast sandwiches they may have missed in recent months. Whether to the office, or upstairs to your home office, they’re hard to beat.


Preparing Perfection


Apparently, there is an actual food science that matches brown or red sauce to bacon or sausages.

We tend to rely on the palate, letting our taste buds dictate. For some it’s a case of habit – ‘we always have red sauce!’. For me, personally, it has to be Stokes Brown Sauce with a bacon butty and Stokes Tomato Ketchup in a juicy sausage sandwich.

Ours is a truly grownup Brown Sauce, rich in date purée, black treacle and our unique blend of exotic Persian spices.

And as for our Tomato Ketchup – well, do ‘The Ketchup Test’.

‘The Ketchup Test’:

Next time you look at the tomato ketchup options on the supermarket shelf, take a look at the ingredients and in particular just how much of the volume is made up of tomatoes. If any have more than 200g of tomatoes per 100g of ketchup (as our Tomato Ketchup does) – perhaps you should consider trying that …

Your Choice, Our Pleasure


Our good friends at Jolly Hog make these Proper Porker sausages – wonderful. Bursting out of an amazing Breakfast Butty, they are seriously Proper Porkers indeed.

But, which sauce?

Savour the rich tomato taste then feel the heat of the spices kicking in from our Chilli Ketchup. For smoky background notes and another warming finish, our Chipotle Ketchup uses Chipotle Chillies, which are Jalapenos left to ripen on the plant to a deep red, before being smoked, giving them their distinctive flavour.

Stokes Curry Ketchup marries the rich tomato tastes with classic curry spices including coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, ginger, cumin, and green cardamom.

Stokes Bloody Mary Ketchup is pure beauty in a bottle, adding a shot of vodka and a unique blend of Bloody Mary spices, perfect for that ‘morning after’ bacon sandwich.

Try mixing it with our Real Mayonnaise for a Bloody Mary Rose Sauce to give prawn cocktails a real treat.

On the Go


As The British Sandwich & Food to Go Association (to give it its full title) Your Breakfast is Waiting campaign gets under way this week, endorsing it is a pleasure for us.

Many of us will have become all too familiar with these ‘take out’ boxes.

This is breakfast bap by the Marsh Larder in South Norfolk, made using the finest local ingredients, including our thick, super-portion Ketchup Sachet.

It’s a great idea to keep a stock of your own sachets to add Stokes quality to food ‘on the go’.

Order your Sachet Collection – HERE.

This selection box contains the following Stokes’ sachets of sauce:

3x Stokes Tomato Ketchup – The star of the Stokes range! 200g of sun-ripened, juicy Italian tomatoes are crammed into every 100g of this award-winning ketchup, giving it a rich tomatoey flavour which makes you wonder how you hadn’t discovered it before!

2x Stokes Real Mayonnaise – It’s the egg that makes Real Mayonnaise real and we use more whole egg in our recipe than anyone else we know (12%). British free-range whole eggs at that too, and a healthy dash of Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil for a really luxurious finish!

1x Stokes Brown Sauce – If you prefer brown to red then this rich and spicy brown sauce is just what you need. Rich in date puree (9%) and made with black treacle and our unique blend of spices. Brings out the best in a bacon sandwich

1x Stokes Tartare Sauce – A smooth creamy sauce jam-packed with coarsley-chopped gherkins and capers for a traditional accompaniment to fish.

1x Stokes Original BBQ Sauce – Everything a BBQ sauce should be. Sweet, thick and smoky. Perfect to use as an accompaniment, marinade or a dipping sauce.

Something Different


The versatility of bagels is as diverse as the fillings and sauces they can carry.

Here, rolls of Scottish Smoked Salmon are simply accompanied by our velvet-smooth Real Mayonnaise. The sprig of fresh dill finishes the sandwich aromatically.

We make our Real Mayonnaise using British free-range whole eggs and a healthy dash of Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil for a really luxurious finish! It’s really very special.

If it’s aromatics you want to start your day, try our Mustard & Dill Sauce. It is a spooning sauce with a gentle mustard tang and strong dill flavour for the perfect addition to smoked salmon, turning it into an instant gravadlax.


However and wherever you breakfast – take care and stay safe.