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Great Taste Awards 2021

Because we are so proud of the efforts we put into creating the finest products, we are always pleased when their quality is recognised by others. Excellent reviews from customers, like you, are praise indeed – thank you. Just as the praise from the prestigious Great Taste Awards is an accolade well worth sharing.


Blackcurrant EXTRA Jam


With over 50% fruit, this jam is laden with real plump blackcurrants, making it full of fresh fruit flavour and with a rich texture to savour.

This is what the judges thought:

“An intense blackcurrant flavour and colour. The consistency is soft and velvety with good viscosity. The balance between the fruit and sugar is excellent.

Deep purply colour that is incredibly appealing on the eye, and that one judge remarked: belongs on a painter’s palette!

On our palates it is decadent, with the sharpness of the berries perfectly balanced with the sweetness. Texturally a delight. Sticky and luxurious.

This blackcurrant jam had a wonderful bright aroma — almost glowing! Would be perfect on yoghurt for breakfast as well as toast.”

Order your ‘painter’s palette’ – HERE.

Sweet & Sticky BBQ Sauce


It’s a smooth sauce with a sweet & sticky flavour and a kick of horseradish, rounding off sweet maple syrup. Marvelous as a marinade for chicken and pork.

This is what the judges thought:

“A really intriguing combination of flavours and a lovely sweet, smoky aroma. This sauce had a wonderful layering of flavours – not overly sweet, but balanced beautifully by the aromatic horseradish, acidity from vinegar and the smoky maple syrup and spices.

A sauce that challenges the usual assumptions of BBQ sauce being basically doctored ketchup, it absolutely bursts with layers of flavours. A classic sweet and sour combination that is well judged, layered with spice and delivers an umami taste that stands up on its own.

This is a serious sauce that would be a fantastic companion to pork ribs especially and is reminiscent of classic American BBQ smoke pit sauces. Delicious.”

Order your ‘umami-tasting‘ BBQ Sauce – HERE

Spiced Green Tomato & Apple Chutney


A rich dark chutney made with a special blend of spices, Green Tomatoes and Bramley Apples. Stir a dollop into cream cheese for a tasty sandwich filling or add a spoonful to homemade curries for an aromatic twist.

This is what the judges thought:

“A deep, complex chutney. Plenty of mustard seeds have added a good pop and the balance of sweet and sour notes was just right. The spicing levels seemed to be correct too.

A deeply aromatic chutney, surprisingly soft textured, but also deeply cooked-down, producing a fine meld of spice, fruit, sweetness and acidity.

We really enjoyed the deep, mellow flavours and the meld of heat, spice and fruit. We also felt this would be a really versatile chutney with many applications.”

Order your ‘fine meld of spice, fruit, sweetness and acidity‘ – HERE

Sweet Chilli Sauce


Made with red chillies and red peppers our Sweet Chilli Sauce overflows with the vitality of the orient. With its sweet, clean taste this sauce is deliciously versatile – use as a dip, a glaze, a marinade or the centrepiece to one of your great stir fries!

This is what the judges thought:

“We loved the vibrant colour of this sweet chilli sauce, and the texture was lovely and smooth. There was a good chilli kick, without being overpowering.

Overall, the balance of heat and sweetness was excellent, with no scorching aftertaste, so we kept reaching for more.

This sauce has a good, vibrant colour and nice visible pieces of pepper and chilli. The flavour of the pepper is good and the spice is a slow burning spice which is nice and in check with the profile of a sweet chilli sauce.

A well judged chilli sauce with wide application.”

You can order your ‘well judged‘ Sweet Chilli Sauce HERE.