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Lockdown Lunches

Keeping up regular mealtimes helps add some degree of normality in the crazy world of home-schooling and home working. The British Nutrition Foundation stresses how important this is and encourages us to eat balanced meals instead of grazing on whatever you have in the cupboards.


Wellbeing on a Plate


Our Resident Chef, Andy has been busy with help from Ben, creating simple breakfasts, lunches and suppers to save you having to think about what to have this week.

With just a few ingredients and some great ideas, we hope these foodie thoughts and Recipes will help.

Eating properly, regularly is part of a daily routine to help balance both physical and mental wellbeing. Planning ahead helps. You don’t have to stick to a complicated menu plan, but noting down ideas for meals for the next day or two will help you organise what you need, without the stress of always having to think of what to have each mealtime.

If you are at home as a family, why not get everyone involved in deciding what you’d like to eat.

The Chilli Beef Nachos recipe with our salsa-style Burger Relish can be found – HERE.

Red Onion Potato Cakes


The combination of our Red Onion Marmalade folded into soft mashed potatoes bound with flour, well it makes a tasty, healthy, quick lunch tastier still.

Prepare the potato cakes the night before and crush the avocados. You know you have everything ready in the fridge, so when you step away from the screen for half an hour or so come lunchtime, all you have to do is fry the cakes until golden brown.

Spoon the avocado crushed with a little Chilli Mayonnaise over the warm cakes and top with a runny egg.

Serve this with our Chilli Jam – it’s amazing.

You’ll find the full details – HERE – enjoy.

Croque Madame


Did you know that the only difference between a Croque Monsieur and a Croque Madame is that Madame gets an egg on top.

It’s Madame every time for me!

Andy’s simple Croque used sourdough bread which, according to BBC Good Food has topped the home baking chart in lockdown. From sourdough baking to focaccia-based works of art, there has been a huge number of food trends throughout the varying periods of lockdown.

With Gruyere cheese melting over honey roast ham and a warming spread of our Dijon Mustard, this surely has to be worth a few minutes away from the desk at lunchtime.

Read Andy’s Top Tips – HERE.

Shakshuka - Baked Eggs


This originates as a Shakshuka, from the Arabic regions of North West Africa historically known as Maghreb.

Eggs baked in a spicy combination of red peppers and tomatoes, laced with our Bloody Mary Ketchup for a brunch packed with real punch.

There are many basic variations on a theme, but this is a particularly good home-grown recipe – HERE. You’ll see that, even though the Bloody Mary Ketchup includes a shot of vodka in its own ingredients, Andy has added yet another shot to add extra ‘wow’ to his Baked Eggs twist.

Just reading the recipe is making me drool – enjoy.

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