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12 Delightful Tastes of Christmas

Christmas might look different this year, but there’s no reason for it not to taste as good as ever – better even! Treat yourself to a cupboard full of ‘delicious’ and give the turkey a real treat; spoil your sausages rotten; turn the smoked salmon into instant Gravadlax. Spoon, squeeze, dollop, smile.


Festive Essentials


Cranberries – wonderfully tart on their own, deliciously balanced with unrefined raw cane sugar in our Cranberry Sauce.

Spoon it onto rolls of spicy sausage meat before rolling it in pastry, cutting to bite-sized morsels, and baking. As the pastry puffs up with a golden sheen in the oven, the rich sauce oozes invitingly.

What could be better?

Well, whilst you can buy our Cranberry Sauce all year round, our limited edition Cranberry & Orange Sauce is for the Festive Season only – available NOW.

We add Ruby Port, orange juice and orange zest to the Cranberries as they simmer. This lifts their celebratory flavours to sparkling new heights.

Traditional Favourites


Try these mini Yorkshire Puddings as sharing or finger food. Pop in a roll of beef with the gentle warmth of our Creamed Horseradish Sauce. We make it with a dash of single cream and the warmth of both wild and cultivated English horseradish – that’s what makes it so … Stokes.

Balance this with Stokes Redcurrant Jelly, rich, dark, smooth and oozing with flavour from our especially high fruit content.

You instantly smell the ‘grownup’ difference of Stokes Brown Sauce the moment you twist off the cap. It is rich with extra date puree, sweet with black treacle and a unique blend of Persian spices.

So, when it comes to Christmas Day and ‘gravy time’, try adding Redcurrant Jelly or our intensely rich Cranberry Sauce and a dollop of our Brown Sauce to the Turkey Gravy for even bigger smiles at the table this year.

Perfect Partners


Made with cider vinegar, British dry cider, English horseradish and a blend of yellow and black mustard seeds, each bursting with flavour, this Cider & Horseradish ‘Wholegrain’ Mustard has everything. You’ll find it is sophisticated, with delicious layers of texture and flavour.

We have our own special take on an old English classic. Our Classic English Mustard recipe and amazing ingredients create a smooth and strong mustard but without the ‘burn’ you get with some that forget mustard is there to complement the flavours of the meat. Mustard lovers will give this one their casting vote !

A strong, smooth mustard made with finely ground mustard seeds in the Dijon area of Burgundy, France. To be good enough to carry the Stokes badge of taste and quality, we have chosen a truly wonderful Dijon Mustard to add to our collection.

Luxurious Leftovers


Don’t you just love Boxing Day, when you can breathe life into your leftovers. Perfect with Cheese; wonderful with charcuterie; and adding life to cold cuts – each deserves high praise indeed:

Coronation Turkey in a jacket potato – perfect … just add Coronation Sauce.

Red Onion Marmalade – an absolute beauty, lusciously thick with caramelised red onions in sticky black treacle and a sharp balsamic finish. It’s amazing with just about anything.

Our Fig Relish is too good to share but a real crowd pleaser if you do. It is packed with juicy sweet marinated figs and a tang of cider vinegar – a thick relish that sits beautifully on water biscuits and the maturity of a strong blue cheese.

You really have to try our Sticky Pickle. It’s guaranteed to lift any plate of cheese to delicious new heights. With its unique blend of vegetables in a sweet, spicy sauce, it brings cold cuts to life, is perfect with pork pies and sensational with cheese.

Last but by no means least – Chilli Jam. So so popular because it goes with almost everything that needs a little chilli enlightenment. This is a deliciously sticky jam, oozing with flavour from the sweet chilli peppers and red peppers.

Browse the ‘virtual’ shelves for more Chutneys & RelishesHERE – or visit your local Farm Shop, Delicatessen, Butcher and other Independent Retailer, where Stokes goodies are widely stocked.

Try them All


Spoilt for choice? You will be.

Each window in this extra special Advent Calendar has something new to excite your taste buds every single day. The whole family will enjoy our most loved ketchups, sauces, condiments, chutneys, relishes and preserves. Say hello ‘daily’ to the taste of Stokes.

As well as a jar of ‘delicious’ and an interesting foodie fact or top tasting tip behind each window, our Advent Calendar also includes an exclusive Recipe Booklet full of exciting Christmas themed recipes and ideas created by our resident chef, Andy.

BUT – please hurry. This limited edition collection of taste has practically sold out.