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Getting Out & About – the tasty way.

Getting ‘Out & About’ doesn’t have to take you far because, quite often, there is so much to discover and enjoy on our doorstep.  So, out we go for picnics, barbecues and al fresco dining; take in the local points of interest, play tourist, visit your local Farm Shops. ENJOY.


Picnics with Family & Friends


We are looking forward to pack up the picnic hamper and head off to share, catch up and enjoy.

We’ll settle in the leigh of a beached fishing boat, spread out our goodies galore – and feast.

Apparently, the French started the modern fashion for picnics when they opened their royal parks to the public after the revolution of 1789.

So, leave your phones in the car and your laptops at home and head for the hills, woods, parks, riversides and beaches and ‘fait le picnic‘.

Stir our Real Mayonnaise into gently boiled eggs for rich, smooth, creamy egg & cress sandwiches.

Spread Chilli Jam on your rolled out pastry, sausage meat, roll, bake and slice to bite-sized meaty rolls, sweet with red pepper jam and bursting with gentle chilli joy.

An Italian platter or English Ploughman’s with relishes, and chutneys galore:  Fig Relish or Beetroot Relish; or creamed cheese and our NEW Spiced Green Tomato & Apple Chutney, rolled tightly and sliced for delicious morsels to share and enjoy.

Take a tub of humus, our Lemon Mayonnaise and mix them well together; then make jars of yummy dips with delightful vegetarian crunch.

You will find the Mayonnaise – HERE and the Relishes – HERE.

And, don’t forget a handful of big, beautiful sachets from our Sachet Collection for taste at its best, wherever you are.

Fire up the BBQ


Our family of BBQ sauces offers fine specimens of yumminess, just waiting to greet your family & friends.

Each offers something a little different from the normal shop bought offerings. Our ever popular Original BBQ Sauce leads the Classic Trio make summer smile come rain or shine.

And our NEW Korean BBQ Sauce adds authentic Asian spice.

Original BBQ Sauce is thick and smoky with natural blossom honey and a molasses-style sweetness that can be used as an accompaniment, a marinade or a dipping sauce.

Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce is just that. Currently out of stock but, when it returns (soon), to balance the heat of the chillis, it has even more molasses and honey to sweeten the initial smoky BBQ flavours. This cleverly lets the spicy heat develop as an after flavour.

Sweet & Sticky BBQ Sauce is another flavoursome variation, deeply sweet with a sensational kick of British horseradish and Worcestershire sauce to balance the sticky maple syrup.

Korean BBQ Sauce is a sweet and fruity barbecue sauce with rich dark brown sugar, soya sauce, and sweet Mirin wine. The perfect sauce for marinading meat & vegetables, adding to a quick and healthy stir fry or to enjoy as a dipping sauce.


Read more BBQ Tasty Tips – HERE.

Al Fresco with Friends


As you might expect, we have the sauce and dressing for all occasions, to make every plate of food taste amazing.

Well, we simply wouldn’t make it if we couldn’t make it amazing.

Our Mayonnaise range adds so much to a coleslaw, potato salad and so much more. Add the light fruity curry flavours of our Coronation Sauce to delight the taste buds further.

Add zing to a seafood salad with a good shake of Sweet Chilli Dressing or a spoon or three of Chilli Jam. Perhaps a dish of Chilli or Garlic Mayonnaise to dip a pint of juicy prawns.

Even if you have cooked them in the oven to serve to friends outside, give grilled meats and vegetables those unique smoky BBQ flavours with one of our BBQ Sauces.

Find your local Farm Shops


Become the tourist in your own back yard and set off for your local (or not so local) Farm Shops.

You will find all sorts of goodies for Picnics, BBQs and Al Fresco dining.

You can find your local Farm Shop – and so much more – thanks to The Farm Retailer Association HERE.

So, get Out & About, discover something new, something delicious, and ENJOY.