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Clever Little Barbecues

We love our BBQs, even if all too often, the weather doesn’t. Some like ’em hot; some like them a little more sophisticated, cool; some enjoy a bit of both so, let’s share and enjoy some delicious ideas for BBQs and Al Fresco dining. Marinade, dress, grill, cook – enjoy.


Korean Beef Wraps


If you’re planning a ‘Clever Little BBQ’ this weekend, we can help you plan the feasting … deliciously:


Korean Beef Wraps

These beef rump steak strips have been soaked in a luscious marinade of our Korean BBQ Sauce, grated ginger, rapeseed oil, fresh lime juice and grated zest.

The sweet and fruity barbecue sauce with rich dark brown sugar, soya sauce and sweet Mirin wine soak into the meat to tenderise it before a quick grilling.

Turn the strips a couple of times until cooked to your liking. Rest them, then plate up in crisp lettuce boats with finely grated radish, a sprinkling of chopped chives and sesame seeds, and more BBQ Sauce on the side.


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Tasty Tacos


If the weather’s not with you, take the BBQ flavours indoors.

These simple tacos taste so good, you’ll have to hide one or two from the sharing plate to make sure you get one yourself.

Simple tacos, fresh salad, grated cheese and, a really good chilli

Three tasty tips for a great Beef Chilli:

  1. Instead of just minced meat, combine half and half minced beef and roughly diced rump steak. The combination of mince and small pieces of steak is a great combination of texture and taste.
  2. Grate two or three cubes of high cocoa content dark chocolate into the bubbling chilli. It adds an incredible depth to the flavour as well as giving the finished product a lovely sheen.
  3. Now, bump the flavour up further still with a few shakes of Original BBQ Sauce or perhaps our Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce. Or, if you already have fire in your chilli, try our Sweet & Sticky BBQ Sauce to balance it.


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Saucy Sides


Jacket Potatoes make the perfect BBQ side dish. They are so simple, yet here too you can get creative. They keep warm to be brought into play when needed. And, they taste pretty good too.

Pictured here are:

Sticky BBQ Cheese & Crispy Bacon Potato Skins created to show off the quality of potatoes from our friends at Fairfield Farms.

With spuds this good, they deserve to be cooked ‘the proper way‘. No ‘ping‘ shortcuts here.

So, as usual, Resident Chef Andy has stepped up to the mark to share his recipe with you in the Recipes section of our website.

You’ll find Andy’s recipeHERE.

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Seafood and Zing


We all know the essence of a good ‘surf & turf‘, with fruits from the sea joining meats from the land.

What better then, than a seafood salad as a side dish to meats, vegetables and other salads.

This little combination of squid, prawns, mussels and clams was stir fried with a little fresh chilli and lemongrass, then finished off with a generous dollop of our Sweet Chilli Sauce.

The red chillies and red peppers in it make the sauce overflow with the vitality of the Orient, so served with more Sweet Chilli Sauce on the side, it’s always a hit.


Marvellous Mayonnaise


Mayonnaise pairs beautifully with just about every element of a rounded barbecue.

Our family of mayonnaise has grown into an amazing collection, with something for every palate and occasion.

It’s the eggs in Real Mayonnaise that makes it “real” and our mayonnaises are made with whole egg, have more egg than most others, and only use egg from British free range hens.

Our luxurious Real Mayonnaise has the extra special touch of extra virgin olive oil from Greece.

Garlic Mayonnaise using just enough garlic to deliver a velvet smooth aioli-style sauce.

Habanero Chilli Mayonnaise is a hot and spicy Mayonnaise with deep flavour from fermented Red Habanero Chilli and fragrant coriander for real depth of flavour.

Mustard & Honey Mayonnaise is a rich and creamy Mayonnaise, made with Stokes own wholegrain mustard for bursts of mustard grain sensations, Stokes Dijon mustard and the delightful sweeter finish of fragrant blossom honey.

Sicilian Lemon & Dill Mayonnaise captures the Sicilian sunshine with this rich, fresh tasting mayonnaise, zingy with Sicilian Lemon juice and aromatic chopped Dill.


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... and there's s'mores


Simple pleasures so often nurture the best memories – and that’s where the s’mores come in.

When the burgers are all done and the last of the hot dogs have run off to cool down … it’s s’mores time.

A nice crumbly biscuit becomes the bread of a sandwich.

Toast several small skewers threaded with marshmallow until just gooey and sticky.

Pop one (or two) on a biscuit, cover with Stokes ‘oh-so-fruity‘ Raspberry Jam.

Press the second biscuit to glue it to the marshmallow and finish with a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

Make loads because – yes – they will want s’more.