Sticky BBQ Cheese & Crispy Bacon Potato Skins

A Stokes recipe by our Resident Chef

  • Serves 5+
  • 2 Hours
Taste without compromise

What you'll need

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Bottle 325g
Case 6x 325g
Squeezy 420g
Jar 345g
Case 6x 345g
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  • 4 Large Baked Potatoes
  • 4 Bacon Rashers
  • 70g Grated Cheddar Cheese
  • 1 Tablespoon of Chopped Chives
  • Salt & Pepper

Perfect for misty Autumn nights. When neighbours come a knocking for tricks, give them treats. Our Sweet & Sticky BBQ Sauce is everything a BBQ sauce should be. Sweet, thick and smoky. Perfect to use as an accompaniment, marinade or a dipping sauce. The Great Taste Award judges commented that it is: “A lighter-style barbecue sauce. Sweetness and smokiness are well-judged, and it has a rich, inviting colour. It lingers well on the palate. A welcome alternative to the over-punchy bbq sauces typically found on the market.”


  1.  The Baked Potatoes can be done in advance, either cooked in the microwave or in the oven. Just pierce the skins and season with a little salt. For microwave cooking follow the manufacturer’s instructions as power levels do vary. To oven cook, we brush the skins as well with a little oil which gives a lovely crispy skin. Bake in a hot oven (around 180 C) for about 1 hour 20 mins until the potatoes are tender.
  2. Allow to cool and scoop out the potato flesh into a mixing bowl, keeping hold of the potato skins.
  3. Grill the bacon, allow to cool and chop into small dice.
  4. Add the bacon, half of the cheese, 2 tablespoons each of Stokes Sweet & Sticky BBQ Sauce & Real Mayonnaise, and the chopped chives. Mix well and season to your liking with a little salt and pepper.
  5. Fill the potato skins with the mix and place them on a baking tray. Sprinkle over the remainder of the cheese, and bake in a hot oven (around 200 C) for about 10 mins until golden.
  6. As always, enjoy!