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‘Ladies in Beef’ – Celebrating Great British Beef

Great British Beef Week is a celebration of the qualities of British beef husbandry. ‘Ladies in Beef’ organise the event and care passionately about British beef, its quality, versatility and sustainability. This dynamic country-wide network of lady ‘beef champions’ are all beef farmers … and so proud of it!


Carbon Neutral Beef Farming


When asked about the importance of ‘sustainability’ and Great British Beef Week (GBBW), Jilly Greed – co-founder of Ladies in Beef – said:

“British beef production boasts a carbon footprint of just less than half the global average and reflects the hugely important and positive work our farmers are putting in day-by-day.  It’s vital that we keep bringing attention to the ways our producers are respecting the land, whilst also producing the foods we enjoy eating.”

To the same question, Adam Henson – British Farmer, TV Presenter and Patron of ‘Ladies in Beef’ – said:

“Our beef farmers up and down the country continue to work to feed the nation with delicious, locally reared British beef. Beef farmers take sustainability seriously and aim to become carbon neutral by 2040.”

Learn m ore about the great work of Ladies in BeefHERE.

AND, download a FREE Guide to Buying British BeefHERE.

The Classic Roast Beef


A couple of roasting tips from our friends, Ladies in Beef:

Pace the meat in the centre of the oven for even cooking. The ideal temperature is 180-190C / Gas Mark 4 to 5. Timing:

  • Rare: 20 minutes per 450g (1lb) + 20 mins
  • Medium: 25 minutes per 450g (1lb) +25 mins
  • Well Done: 30 minutes per 450g (1lb) + 30 mins.

Let the joint rest for 15 to 20 minutes to let the meat fibres relax.

Perhaps the easiest cuts to handle in the kitchen if you don’t have a great deal of experience are topside, silverside and top rump. Your local butcher, or the butcher in your nearest farm shop will help you choose the best cut and size and, they may even know what part of the country the meat comes from.

On the side:

Our Classic English Mustard – A smooth and strong mustard but without the ‘burn’. If you like mustard we think you’ll love this!

Creamed Horseradish Sauce – A gentle deliciously smooth creamed horseradish sauce that lets you enjoy its full flavour and won’t bring tears to your eyes. A tasty and truly elegant alternative. Made with horseradish root and single cream.

You’ll find all of our condiments on the shelvesHERE.

Leftover Luxury


Leftover luxury – the British beef sandwich.

Mustard or Horseradish (as above) are firm favourites for bringing cold cuts back to life.

We have three wonderful mustards, each with their own distinctive qualities.

Our Cider & Horseradish Mustard is made with cider vinegar, British dry cider, horseradish and a blend of flavour-popping yellow & black mustard seeds.

For a smooth, strong mustard (but without the ‘burn’), go for our twist on Classic English Mustard. And our branded Dijon Mustard from Burgundy is an absolute French classic.

You will find our ‘Magnificent Mustards‘ amongst our other Traditional Sauces – HERE.

If you prefer to grace thick cute of beef with a worthy mayonnaise, such as this incredible Mustard & Honey Mayonnaise, look no further than our amazing Mayonnaise FamilyHERE.

As well as our original Real Mayonnaise and its aioli-style sister, the ever-popular Garlic Mayonnaise, we have added three new mayos to the family:

Habanero Chilli Mayonnaise – is a hot and spicy Mayonnaise with deep flavour from fermented Red Habanero Chilli and fragrant coriander for a real depth of flavour. All this is wrapped in our velvet smooth mayonnaise.

Mustard & Honey Mayonnaise – is a rich and creamy Mayonnaise, made with Stokes own wholegrain mustard for bursts of mustard grain sensations, Stokes Dijon mustard and the delightful sweeter finish of fragrant blossom honey.

Sicilian Lemon & Dill Mayonnaise – capture the Sicilian sunshine with this rich and fresh tasting mayonnaise, zingy with Sicilian Lemon Juice and aromatic chopped Dill.

Friday Night is Steak Night


Sirloin or Rump?

Perhaps not a typically Shakespearian question, but it needs a decision when it comes to choosing the cut for Friday Steak Night. For us, it’s rump every time. Cooked medium, it is such a juicy cut and always full of flavour – but only if it’s British!

Quote: It is the sauce that distinguishes a good chef. The Saucier is the soloist in the orchestra of a great kitchen.”       Fernand Point. (Early 20thC chef.)

Be the soloist in your kitchen with one of our new EASY ‘Meal-Making’ Sauces, creating restaurant-quality meals at home. With the steak sir / madam, we recommend:

Red Wine & Green Peppercorns. A classic accompaniment for a juicy steak, or stirred into a fine beef casserole.

This Stokes EASY ‘Meal-Maker’ is made with a rich beef stock, Claret, Ruby Port and aromatic Indian green peppercorns.

For a classic steak night, steak sauce & chips:

3 x steps:

  1. fry steaks to your liking and rest.
  2. in the same pan, heat and flame off a drop of brandy in the juices.
  3. add your Stokes EASY ‘Meal-Making’ Sauce, double cream and chopped tarragon to the pan …

whisk, bubble, enjoy.

You’ll find our EASY ‘Meal-Making’ Sauces and a number of simple 3 x Step RecipesHERE.

Tasty Chilli Tacos


Simple tacos, fresh salad, grated cheese and, a really good chilli

Three tasty tips for a great British Beef Chilli:

  1. Instead of just minced meat, combine half and half minced beef and roughly diced rump steak. The combination of mince and small pieces of steak is a great combination of texture and taste.
  2. Grate two or three cubes of high cocoa content dark chocolate into the bubbling chilli. It adds an incredible depth to the flavour as well as giving the finished product a lovely sheen.
  3. Now, bump the flavour up further still with a few shakes of our Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce. Or, if you already have fire in your chilli, try our Sweet & Sticky BBQ Sauce to balance it.


You’ll find all of our delicious BBQ Sauces and their tasting notesHERE.

The Classic Beef Burger


When it comes to building the classic burger, there are just a few simple steps. First, the bun – choose your favourite … a soft roll, crunchy ciabatta, or perhaps a sweeter brioche.

The garnish can be absolutely anything that tickles the taste buds … sliced tomato, beetroot, iceberg lettuce, rocket, watercress, slices of fiery red onion, gherkins, bacon (never really understand this), an egg, cheese.

Now the patty. Shop bought (make sure it is British beef) or 500g of fine ground beef bound with an egg.

Finally: Burgers Made Better with Stokes. Where do we start?

Thank you...



… we admire these good Ladies in Beef – as passionate about Great British Beef as we are about the Great Sauces from Suffolk.