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The sparkle has gone but the air is still full of fireworks. Rendlesham Hall (the home of great taste) is a firework-free zone to protect the large menagerie of animals rescued to the safety and freedom of their new home here. No fizz, bang, crackle … just smiles and good family food:


Short Ribs - Full Flavour


You won’t be able to do this tonight, but it is well worth waiting for the weekend to give these short ribs the time and love they deserve.

Whilst the oven is warming to a low 160 C / Gas Mark 3, brown the meaty side of the ribs in a hot frying pan. Now brush them with a good coating of one of our BBQ Sauces (Original, Sweet & Sticky or Hot & Spicy). Lay them in a roasting tin, cover with foil and pop them in the oven for four long hours.

Let them cool, ideally overnight, then in a hot 220 C / Gas Mark 7 or 8, roast the ribs for 30 minutes to crisp up the edges.

A lovely sauce to balance the crispy essence of BBQ is a soft combination of our Real Mayonnaise and Dijon Mustard. The soothing mustard warmth in its velvet coat of mayonnaise is truly delicious.

Warm Jackets for a Chilly Night


The Baked Potatoes can be done in advance. We brush the skins with a little oil which gives a lovely crispy finish. Bake in a hot oven (180 C / Gas Mark 5) for about 1 hour 30 mins until the potatoes are tender.

When they are cool enough to handle, scoop out half of the soft potato and mix it with cooked, diced bacon, grated cheese, our Red Onion Marmalade for added flavour and Real Mayonnaise for a special smooth finish. Re-load the skins, grate cheese over the top and pop them on a baking sheet and into a hot oven for 10 minutes or so until the cheese bubbles adorably.

The fillings can be as simple or as complex as you like but one thing they must be, is tasty.

With Stokes in the cupboard, ‘great taste’ is only a short reach away.

For this and other foodie favourites from our resident chef, Andy, see Stokes Recipes – HERE.

Ordered, Delivered, Enjoyed


You don’t need fireworks or even a bonfire to enjoy the favourite tastes that feed the occasion.

Locked down – yes … well fed – YES PLEASE.


Enjoy the Taste of Stokes

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