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BBQ Bonanza

BBQ fever has hit Britain once again. Our Aussie friends would call in a ‘bonza barbie’, but we’ll stick with a BBQ Bonanza to describe these TOP TIPS on cooking great steaks, and the magic of  the marinade.


Marinade Magic


This is a lovely marinade base that you can easily adjust to suit your taste,  its strength and different meats and fish. You decide the volumes of each part, starting with half and half Stokes Hoisin Sauce and Real Tomato Ketchup.Add fresh grated ginger and garlic, and a dash of Stokes Habanero HOT Sauce (use more, it gets hotter!!!). Honey adds sweetness; soy sauce adds umami saltiness; olive oil brings everything together; and a splash of OJ cuts a little citrus through the whole thing.

This was used to treat the fresh tuna steaks (above) to a perfect coat of ‘yummy’.

The longer the meat is left to soak up the marinade, the more it infuses and holds the flavour during cooking, grilling or barbecuing.

TOP TIPs with STEAKSirloin Steak has that lovely fatty edge that caramelises really well on the grill. Before cooking, let it bathe in the marinade above (without the Hoisin, but with more Tommy K and one of our BBQ Sauces).

Sear each side for 2 minutes on the hottest part of the grill, repelling any direct flame with a squirt of water. Move them to the cooler edge of the grill to cook through for 3 minutes each side (medium rare, but longer to taste), then take them indoors to rest for 15 minutes.


Instead of giving everybody a steak each, slice the meat as pictured and serve it on a bed of grilled sweet peppers.It tastes superb and the helpings go further – great value, great taste!

…tastier still with Stokes BBQ Essentials Collection:


Your Treat of the Week


Andy’s Asian Duck could be your treat of the week.

The recipe takes you step by step through the process so don’t be afraid to give it a go. The flavours in the Marinade take this generous Gressingham Duck to restaurant standards.

And, the Miso & Coriander Mayo is nothing short of amayonnaising.

Get the full recipe and step-by-step guide – HERE.


Product Feature - Tommy K


It’s Tommy K, but not like any old ketchup, this is Stokes Real Tomato Ketchup.

So thickilicious and full of natural flavour – our award-winning ketchup is packed with plump, sweet tomatoes that have ripened in the Mediterranean sunshine.We gently simmer a massive 200g of these little beauties, reduced into every 100g of glorious ketchup.

Whether you shake it or squeeze it, it tastes intensely of naturally delicious tomatoes.

And sometimes, it tastes of other delicious natural flavours too.

Discover Chilli, Chipotle, Bloody Mary, Curry and REAL Tomato Ketchup:

Meet the full ketchup team – HERE.

Only Joking


Just a chillin’ and a grillin’

It’s true – nobody invites friends over for beers round the air fryer – BBQ or Bust!

He doesn’t hoover, dust, put the bins out, wash up, take the kids to school, listen, like my mother, do the laundry … the ironing??? No, he BBQs.

My first outdoor cooking memories are full of erratic British summers, Dad swearing at the barbecue and eventually eating charred sausages – feeling brilliant”.  Jamie Oliver.

We have been told to be absolutely PC with the rest of our BBQ humour. So …………………