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Our Glorious Family of Taste: Mayonnaise

Real Mayonnaise was the first amazing product Rick (founder) decided to perfect, “because other available mayonnaise just didn’t deliver.” With incredible ingredients, the Family of Flavour grew and grew. “We simply wouldn’t make it if we couldn’t make it – amazing.”


Great Ingredients for Great Mayonnaise


Start with the eggs. We found a producer farming high Welfare Standard British Free Range hens whose eggs are perfect and can be delivered to meet our strict criteria for hygiene and quality.

Salt – after much testing of many varieties of salt, we decided that only the best would do, from the Dead Sea. It’s natural, full of flavour yet without the harmful effects of sodium.

Oil – We add a really fine Rapeseed Oil to create the base of our Mayonnaise.

Then – for our Real Mayonnaise, we add a good drizzle (5%) of amazing Mediterranean Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil. Only then were we proud enough to call it Stokes Real Mayonnaise.

Flavourful Variations


For the flavourful variations in Stokes’ Mayonnaise Family we replace the olive oil with other exacting ingredients to create:

Garlic Mayonnaise – using just enough garlic to deliver a velvet smooth aioli-style sauce.

Stir a spoon or two into creamy mashed potatoes for a mild garlic twist and extra smooth finish.

NEW: Habanero Chilli Mayonnaise


Habanero Chilli Mayonnaise – is a hot and spicy Mayonnaise with deep flavour from fermented Red Habanero Chilli and fragrant coriander for a real depth of flavour. All this is wrapped in our velvet smooth mayonnaise.

It is available in our new, handy size 205g jars and is Vegetarian approved, Gluten & Dairy free.

Stir in a dash of Stokes Bloody Mary Ketchup to serve with juicy freshwater prawns as a spicy Bloody Mary Rose prawn cocktail sauce.

Try filling a half scooped out beef tomato, mix with a mixture of Habanero Chilli Mayonnaise, plain rice, chopped green peppers, spring onion, chopped parsley, and flaked tinned tuna. It’s delicious.

NEW: Mustard & Honey Mayonnaise


Mustard & Honey Mayonnaise – is a rich and creamy Mayonnaise, made with Stokes own wholegrain mustard for bursts of mustard grain sensations, Stokes Dijon mustard and the delightful sweeter finish of fragrant blossom honey.

It too comes in 205g jars and is Vegetarian approved, Gluten & Dairy free.

Use it in sandwiches instead of butter or margarine. Is great with grilled bacon, roast chicken or for a real treat – a steak sandwich. Brush it onto breasts of chicken before grilling for a warming sheen for a juicy wrap.

Or stir it into thinly sliced cabbage and red onion for a delicious, quick coleslaw.

NEW: Sicilian Lemon & Dill Mayonnaise


Sicilian Lemon & Dill Mayonnaise – capture the Sicilian sunshine with this rich and fresh tasting mayonnaise, zingy with Sicilian Lemon Juice and aromatic chopped Dill.

Available in handy 205g jars, it is Vegetarian approved, Gluten & Dairy free.

Serve as a dip with pan-fried piri-piri king prawns. Delicious as a dip with a plate of hot & spicy chicken wings, or with salt-and-pepper rings of calamari.

Brighten up a sunny bowl of warm and waxy potatoes with chopped chives. It’s an appetising side dish with leftover roast chicken.