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When Grilling Gets Thrilling

Come rain or shine, Brits grill and dine. Easter’s fast approaching ahead of a season of Bank Holidays. That means visitors, friends and family. Thrill them with fresh BBQ skills – we’re here to help. Enjoy the thrills and spills of marinating in a luscious marinade. And meet the ladies of Clarence Court.


Dust off the BBQ


Dust off the BBQ people. Come rain or shine, Brits grill and dine.

Easter is fast approaching ahead of a season of Bank Holidays. That means visitors, friends and family. Thrill them with fresh BBQ skills.There’s nothing at all wrong with Hot Dogs and Burgers. As you know, you can get quite adventurous with the styles and fillings.

Make a delicious meal of it. While the meat is marinating, create an amazing salad.A favourite in America, and becoming equally so with BBQs this side of ‘the Pond’ too, is a Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Drown the cooked macaroni in beautiful cheese sauce, then smother it all with lots of grated cheese. It’s a feast.If you prefer potatoes to mac, a great pile of jackets can be prepared in advance and kept warm wrapped in foil at the bottom of the oven.On the other hand, Hasselback Potatoes make a crispy, elegant alternative. Slice, drizzle, season, bake. By the way they cook really well in the Air Fryer.


Hasselback potatoes got their name from the Swedish restaurant that created and popularised them. The Hasselbacken first served them in 1953.

And … to top it all – The BBQ Essentials Collection:

All this real taste and flavour – just £15 (plus P&P}

Marinade Magic


The Marinade is the sauce, or combination of sauces, herbs, spices, citrus juices and rind that tenderises your meat and imparts additional, complementary, juicy flavour. It is advisable for any dry heat cooking, particularly BBQs where the meat is exposed to such intense heat.

Stokes has an extensive range of sauces that are ideal for using as or in marinades. Have a  browse – HERE.Your meat, chops, ribs, steak, kebabs etc, Marinates in the Marinade, literally soaking up all the goodness you’ve lavished upon it.

Remember the intro: Juicy, oozing, dripping, tasty, magic, ‘love it’, more – HOT! …BBQ noises?

Well, this is how you make them.

Which Came First?


At Clarence Court, it certainly is the birds that come first.

Meet the ladies of Clarence Court.Clarence Court Eggs offer the largest range of eggs sold in Britain. These include Burford Browns, Old Cotswold Legbar, Ostrich (yes really!!), Duck, Guinea Fowl, Goose, Pheasant, Rhea, Turkey, Quail and Emu – little and large!These are traditional breed birds, free to roam acres of Suffolk countryside. They eat well, live well, and lay well.

Our Resident Chef, Andy loves cooking with the eggs from Burford Browns “because of their rich, dark yolks. They look and ooze amazingly when you open a fresh-cooked Scotch Egg, like those in my recipeHERE.”

Speaking of recipes, in this video, Bentley’s Head Chef, Richard Corrigan shares his secrets, making buttered smoked haddock using Clarence Court eggs (of course). Enjoy!

Just Joking


It took me two hours to grill a chicken the other day…

…and it still didn’t tell me why it crossed the road.



Baste with Stokes Habanero HOT Sauce and grill…

…like fighting fire with fire!