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Best Strawberry Jam

Stokes Strawberry EXTRA Jam was the winner in a prestigious Best Strawberry Jam Tasting Test organised by and published in Olive Magazine (2021). It and its sibling jams have gone on to win the hearts of good jam lovers. What could be better than rich fruit bubbling gently in sugar – jam!


The Winning Jam

Stokes Strawberry EXTRA Jam was the winner in a prestigious Best Strawberry Jam Tasting Test organised by and published in Olive Magazine (2021).

In the published results, Janine Ratcliffe first explained what the judges were looking for:

“Strawberry jam may seem like an everyday ingredient with little to compare, but sugar content can vary a lot, as can texture and consistency. Check the quantity of fruit per 100g sugar on the label – it varies from around 50g to 70g.

The less fruit, the sweeter the jam, and most will have added pectin to help set it. The higher the amount of fruit, the darker and more concentrated the fruit flavour will be.”

And – with the highest score or 9 out of 10, what they said about Stokes Strawberry EXTRA Jam:

“There was a lovely set to this jam, thick enough to generously spread over toast but not too firm. A pleasing soft texture, with whole fruits that have nicely melted into the jam.

It has a gorgeously rich berry flavour and nice sweetness without being cloying. You can taste the delicacy of the fruit with the occasional pop of crunch from a seed.

Perfect for the breakfast table with croissants.”

The Winning Formula

We go to uncompromising lengths to make sure the blackcurrants we use have that signature juicy sweet / tart flavour; the raspberries are rich, sweet and luscious; and the succulent strawberries have keynotes of Wimbledon.

Stokes use unrefined cane sugar, which is a typical artisan sugar. Produced in smaller batches, it is less processed and retains all or most of the cane molasses around the sugar crystals.

This natural sweetness and additional depth of flavour simmer gently with the extra fruit to give the deeply flavoursome jams we love to deliver.

Better with Blackcurrants


Our Blackcurrant EXTRA Jam is simmered to perfection, with over 50% fruit, this jam is laden with real blackcurrants making it full of fresh fruit flavour and with a rich texture to savour.

The Great Taste Award 2021 awarded our Blackcurrant EXTRA Jam the coveted 3 Stars, making the following comments:

“An intense blackcurrant flavour and colour. The consistency is soft and velvety with good viscosity. The balance between the fruit and sugar is excellent.

Deep purply colour that is incredibly appealing on the eye, and that one judge remarked: belongs on a painter’s palette!

On our palates it is decadent, with the sharpness of the berries perfectly balanced with the sweetness. Texturally a delight. Sticky and luxurious.

This blackcurrant jam had a wonderful bright aroma — almost glowing! Would be perfect on yoghurt for breakfast as well as toast.”

Order your ‘painter’s palette’ – HERE.

The Queen of Hearts

In the Old Stables at Rendlesham, knowing eyes watch over slow cooking blackcurrants, as they simmer, waiting for that very fine line between ‘perfect’ and ‘oops’.

Our kitchen staff have an enviable expertise and are as passionate about their jams, preserves, relishes and sauces as we all are.

But it’s not just the amount of fruit.

Use 50% poor quality blackcurrants and you can only create poor jam.

Zesty Orange Pancakes

These pancakes with an orange butter sauce are super simple to make and incredibly delicious!

Simply follow your preferred pancake recipe and pour over the orange sauce made with a few tablespoons of our Seville Orange Marmalade, a tablespoon of butter, the juice from a few freshly squeezed oranges, a little orange zest and a sprinkle of sugar, all simmered together for 5-10 mins until it starts to thicken.

Seville Orange Marmalade. This is our personal twist on an English classic, a fine cut marmalade that bursts with the flavours of such a wonderful fruit.

In the Great Taste Awards, the Judges’ Comments read:

Rich, golden looking marmalade with excellent bits of peel and a good citrus aroma. This has all the classic characteristics of a good Seville orange marmalade – bitter, sweet, tart and rich with citrus orange.

 It has been expertly prepared, the peel is soft and luscious, the jelly bang on with flavour, balanced and delicious.”

The Home of Great Marmalade


Rendlesham Hall in Rendlesham, Suffolk is home to Stokes. It is here in The Old Stables that we create the tastes you so enjoy.

We now have the latest chapter in our story of Jams and Marmalade with the introduction of Rendlesham Marmalade.

It’s our very own elevation on the traditional British breakfast marmalade, it offers complicated layers of deliciously unique flavour.

Dark, bitter and sweet!

Joyous Jam


Our Joyous Jam gift pack is the perfect gift for a loved one who loves all things ‘jam. It includes our existing popular Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackcurrant Jams, along with our brand-new Blueberry Jam, all crammed full of succulent fruits packed in our new 215g jars. Order yours – HERE.

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Thank you – enjoy.