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You Can’t Make a Salad without Breaking an Egg

Well, lots of British Free Range Eggs – Mayonnaise: Mayonnaise was the first amazing product Rick (founder) decided to perfect, because other available mayonnaise just didn’t deliver … “We simply wouldn’t make it if we couldn’t make it – amazing.”


Great Ingredients for Great Mayonnaise


It’s precisely because there are so few ingredients that if the quality of just one fails, the whole thing fails. So, each ingredient has to be the best it possibly can.

Start with the eggs. We found a producer farming high Welfare Standard British Free Range hens whose eggs are perfect and can be delivered to meet our strict criteria for hygiene and quality.

Dijon Mustard – even easier … we have our own (which is pretty darn’ good).

Salt – after much testing of many varieties of salt, we decided that only the best would do.

So, without compromise, we import salt from the Dead Sea which is natural, full of flavour yet without the harmful effects of sodium. What’s really important is that because of its concentrated flavour, we can and do use less of it than we would other salts.

Now for the oil


The majority of the oil we use is a really fine Rapeseed Oil drizzled into the other ingredients to create the base of our Mayonnaise.

Great though this is, on its own it wasn’t enough. It made a really good mayonnaise … just not a truly great one.

We needed more. We needed to add extra virgin olive oil (or EVOO). Another huge challenge because there are so many of them. Spanish? Italian? Greek? And of all of these – which?

We got it so right – Crete. 3,000 years of history and its abundance on the sun-baked hillsides of Crete can’t be wrong – and nor were we.

Finally – adding 5% Cretan Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil to the mayonnaise made it good enough and us proud enough to call it Stokes Real Mayonnaise.

And now - The Twists


They all sit well with any salad or give a velvet smooth luster to a fresh, crispy slaw. Or, a velvet smooth aioli dip for hot prawns; a zingy chilli coating for a new potato salad; a lemony twist stirred into the spaghetti of a seafood pasta; or with back notes of honey and mustard coated onto cocktail sausages for a simple, yummy treat.

  • Try the creamy aioli of Stokes Garlic Mayonnaise;
  • the jalapeno hit of our Chilli Mayonnaise;
  • the vibrant zing of our Lemon Mayonnaise;
  • the ‘must-have-more’ magic of our Mustard & Honey Mayonnaise;
  • The rich and creamy Cocktail Sauce.

…order yours here.

Salads - Inspiration on a Plate


One of the joys of Summer is the pure joy of fresh, deliciously colourful salads.

Fruits, leaves, grilled chicken, prawns, tinned tuna, dressings, zest, crumbled cheese – great taste combinations for a beautiful plate of food.

This (pictured) has it all: colours, flavours, textures; each lifted on the palate with the fresh, zingy delight of our Sweet Chilli Sauce.

Share and enjoy it, simply with toasted ciabatta, with grilled halloumi, crispy coated goujons of chicken.

You get the picture, just enjoy painting it.