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24 Delicious Days: Advent Calendar

Each window in this extra special Advent Calendar has something new to excite your taste buds every single day. The whole family will enjoy our most loved ketchups, sauces, condiments, chutneys, relishes and preserves. Say hello ‘daily’ to the taste of Stokes.


The Advent of Taste


As well as a jar of delicious and interesting foodie fact or top tasting tip behind each window, our Advent Calendar also includes an exclusive Recipe Booklet full of exciting Christmas themed recipes and ideas created by our resident chef, Andy.

This spectacular Mixed Berry Crumble uses our brand new Blueberry Jam which adds a real blast of flavour to a 200g pack of frozen mixed berries.

Simmered with sugar, cooled and topped with a crumbly rub of butter and flour then baked, it will make a delightful addition to your festive repertoire.

Spicy Dips & Sharing Snacks


The windows open ‘daily’ to each in a series of 23 mini 38gm jars and a 215gm jar of our limited edition Cranberry & Orange Sauce with Ruby Port to complete the 24th delicious day.

Use our Sweet & Sticky BBQ Sauce to make a ‘Party Dip’. Combine it with our Real Mayonnaise, a pinch of fajita spice and a few chopped jalapeno peppers. Smaller party this year but a seriously yummy dip.

The Mustard & Dill Sauce is a simple spooning sauce with a gentle mustard tang behind a strong dill flavour. It is perfect with a few rolls of smoked salmon, transforming it into a Classic Gravadlax to help lift the festive spirits.

The colourful Advent Recipe Booklet has more tasty ideas like these.

Flavoursome Discoveries - no Mess


You may have your favourite Stokes products, regulars in the store cupboard. This Advent Calendar will give you and your family – or friends and theirs – the chance to enjoy amazing tastes not yet discovered. So make sure you buy one for yourself as well as your friends and relatives.

Black Forest Eton Mess. Make your own mess using our incredible Blackcurrant Extra Jam.

Knowing eyes in the kitchens watch the juicy plump currants simmer to just that right moment between ‘perfect’ and ‘oops’.

The Great Taste Award judges said of this jam: “This has obviously been made with skill and care.”

Skill and care indeed.

Whip some double cream until slightly thick and fold in broken pieces of meringue, black cherries, Blackcurrant Jam, pieces of white chocolate and a dash of Kirsch.

They’ll be smiling all the way to the next window – can you wait ?

Spread the Smiles



We’re busy getting everything ready to post your Advent Calendar and the lucky folk you may be gifting to also.

Shop HERE  …  and enjoy.

Thank you.