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Great Taste Awards & Accolades

The annual Great Taste Awards have been held. Expert judges have keenly tasted, and the accolades awarded. We are delighted to say we’ve won 10 and proudly share 5 with you today. Please, enjoy reading what the judges have to say about our exciting and ongoing quest for GREAT TASTE.


Seville Orange Marmalade


Seville Orange Marmalade. This is our personal twist on an English classic, a fine cut marmalade that bursts with the flavours of such a wonderful fruit.

Judges’ Comments:

Rich, golden looking marmalade with excellent bits of peel and a good citrus aroma. This has all the classic characteristics of a good Seville orange marmalade – bitter, sweet, tart and rich with citrus orange.

 It has been expertly prepared, the peel is soft and luscious, the jelly bang on with flavour, balanced and delicious.”

Chilli Jam


Our Chilli Jam is one of the stars of the Stokes portfolio and an absolute ‘must have’ in the store cupboard. It’s a deliciously sticky jam, bursting with sweet chilli peppers, red peppers and red chilli heat. Spoon it onto literally anything that deserves a bit of chilli enlightenment.

Spoon it into Chilli con Carne or add a little power to a sheepish Shepherd’s Pie. Add it to the mashed potato mixture before frying Potato Cakes served with crushed avocado and a deliciously runny egg.

Judges’ Comments:

A thick, rich, glossy relish with a great colour and with bitter-sweet aromas of chilli and capsicum on the nose. The heat is pitched at just the right level – robust and warming, but not blow-your-head-off hot. There is a good base of fruity sweetness and a touch of garlic and acidity … pitch perfect on the palate.”

Creamed Horseradish Sauce


This is a gentle, deliciously smooth Creamed Horseradish Sauce that lets you enjoy its full flavour and won’t bring tears to your eyes. A tasty and truly elegant alternative. Made with Essex horseradish root and single cream.

Judges’ Comments:

“A gentle deliciously smooth creamed horseradish sauce that lets you enjoy its full flavour and won’t bring tears to your eyes. A tasty and truly elegant alternative. Made with horseradish root and single cream

this is a well-made product and the recipe is a great one.”

Garlic Mayonnaise


Our Real Mayonnaise was one of the first products to benefit from Stokes ethos of taste, quality & responsibility. Quality is derived from our unerring insistence on using the finest ingredients possible.

We use only whole eggs from British free-range Welfare Assured hens into which we drizzle very fine rapeseed oil to create the product’s core. Velvety smooth and subtly flavoured.

The garlic is puréed and added to make our Garlic Mayonnaise, creating the richness and flavour of a fine quality aioli – it is utterly delicious.

Stir it into mashed potatoes for a smooth and subtle garlic finish. Toss it with shredded vegetables for garlic coleslaw. Squeeze a little lemon juice into it before giving fresh prawns a real treat.

 Judges’ Comments:

We love the whole egg and reassuring garlic aroma within your perfectly textured mayonnaise. The mouth feel is soft and silky and the garlic wafts in with an almighty presence. It is strong and pungent, proving the star player here. As the garlic element begins to calm down, the whole egg and rapeseed oil, mustard and natural acidity finish harmoniously.

Your garlic mayonnaise leaves a wonderful clean aspect after eating and it is rather addictive. Bravo.”

Beetroot Relish


Packed with crispy refreshing shards of beetroot steeped in a deliciously syrupy red wine sauce, our Beetroot Relish is perfect with cold meats, pork pies and adds a refreshing touch to smoked mackerel and trout!

Judges’ Comments:

A deep natural beetroot pink, gorgeously glossy and packed full of thoughtfully and carefully prepared beetroot. Firm shreds hold up well with a commendable bite that delivers the unique earthy-sweet flavours of a freshly dug beetroot. The red wine and vinegar have a soft approach, adding both depth and character.

A really clever, delicious, natural tasting relish that would brighten up a ploughman’s.”

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