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More Great Taste, More Awards

Part 2: Enjoy reading what the judges have to say about our exciting and ongoing quest for quality. These are the second 5 of 10 accolades we were so proud to be awarded. The expert tasting panel of judges had some truly warming words and clearly love GREAT TASTE.


Our Tomato Ketchups


Our Tomato Ketchups

Four from our fabulous family of tomato based ketchups tickled the judges’ taste buds, starting with the top of the crops – Stokes Tomato Ketchup.

Packed with 200g of plump, sweet Italian tomatoes reduced lovingly into each 100g of thick ketchup. It never ceases to please.

Praised also by the judges was our 30% Reduced Sugar Tomato Ketchup, currently only available in our 100% recyclable squeezy bottles, which are also made from 100% recycled plastic.

Reduced sugar, same taste, less waist.

Tasty Ketchup Twists


Bloody Mary Ketchup is for anyone with a taste for really good ketchup, a sauce to make you smile. It is our classic tomato ketchup with a dash of real vodka, a splash of Worcestershire sauce and a touch of Bloody Mary spice. Rich, colourful and full of body. Mix it with our Real Mayonnaise for a unique Bloody Mary Rose Sauce.

Chipotle Ketchup is another award-winning twist on the best. It is brimful of real Italian tomatoes with a smoky, spicy kick! Chipotle Chillies are Jalapenos left to ripen on the plant to a deep red, before being smoked, giving them their distinctive flavour. Perfect for BBQ’s and a great accompaniment to meat for lovers of spice.

What the Judges Say


Tomato Ketchup: “Wonderful natural aroma from the tomatoes. A thick deep red, luscious looking sauce. Fabulous texture that has a great ‘mouthfeel‘.”

Bloody Mary Ketchup: “A bright and glossy ketchup with a lovely thick, rich texture. The smoky flavours are followed by a gently building kick of hot pepper with a hint of celery. A Bloody Mary in a ketchup!

Chipotle Ketchup: “On tasting, the flavours are beautifully balanced, sharp but not vinegary, not too sweet but rich and smoky with just the right chipotle heat. A full-bodied ketchup with layers of flavour.

Sticky Pickle


Bring your cold cuts back to life with this sweet, sticky ‘Patron Saint’ of pork pies.

It’s a scrumptiously Sticky Pickle, with our own unique blend of vegetables in a sweet and spicy sauce made with molasses and black treacle. Yum!

Judges’ Comments: 

A deep dark sweet pickle with finely chopped vegetables which have a very good crunch and texture to them. The black treacle offers up its edgy, bitter qualities which work so well with the warming spices. The spices themselves really elevate this pickle and make it very interesting. This is a spicy, tongue tingling pickle which we really enjoyed.”


You can see the other award-winning sauces and Judges’ Comments HERE. Enjoy.