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Creating the Classics


Our Classic Trio

“Refining taste is a task that never stands still. Standing by the promise of quality, where the ingredients are the finest possible – no compromise – is an ongoing challenge. And delivering the ethos of responsibility – maximizing recyclability and manufacturing ‘zero to landfill’ – is a personal and team passion needing careful planning, investment and unrivaled energy.”

Stokes has evolved over 15 years, from an instinctive drive to achieve … FOOD MADE BETTER.

First came Stokes Tomato Ketchup – which now wins awards. This was quickly followed by our Real Mayonnaise – which now wins awards.

Then Pete said “…we need a Brown Sauce that’s truly amazing” and – yes … it too now wins awards.

So thick and full of natural flavour, our award-winning ketchup is packed with plump, sweet tomatoes that have ripened on the slopes in southern Italy.

Ripening in the Mediterranean sunshine guarantees a long growing season and continuity of quality and taste.

We gently simmer 200g of these beautiful tomatoes, reduced into every 100g of ketchup.

That’s why our Award-Winning Tomato Ketchup is sumptuously thick as you shake it or squeeze it and tastes naturally of delicious tomatoes.

And now we have a squeezable version with 30 % LESS sugar.

We are so proud of our Mayonnaise, it really is very special.

We use only whole eggs from British free range Welfare Assured hens, into which very fine rapeseed oil is drizzled to create the product’s core.

Then, to make this real mayonnaise stand out from the rest, extra virgin Cretan Koroneiki olive oil is added too.

There has to be salt in any mayo, but because we use only the finest, natural sea salt from the Dead Sea, we get all the flavour using far less.

Every time someone new discovers our exceptional Brown Sauce, they send us a photo, like this, to celebrate their new found joy.

Ours is a truly ‘grown up’ brown sauce. You can smell the exquisite difference the moment you twist off or flip open the lid and squeeze.

It is a lush sauce, rich with extra date puree, sweet with black treacle and heady with a unique blend of Persian spices.

Add it to a sausage casserole for flavour-bursting depth – simply delicious.