Crispy Air Fried Breakfast Toastie

A Stokes recipe by Special Guest, Emily @whatiateforbreakfast

  • Serves The Family
  • Breakfast Special
Taste without compromise

What you'll need

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This is another exciting breakfast idea from our friend Emily @whatiateforbreakfast. She says: Cornflake tart was the best part of school dinners, who agrees? 🙌 This breakfast is inspired by the nostalgic dessert and is so quick & easy to prepare.


The crushed honey nut cornflakes give the French toast the CRISPIEST coating, with a fruity strawberry jam centre 😍.

Recipe (serves 1):
🍓 Spread a slice of bread with strawberry or raspberry jam (I used @stokes_sauces Strawberry Extra Jam 👌), then sandwich together with another slice of bread.
🍞 Whisk 1 large egg with 1/2 tsp vanilla extract/paste, then dip the sandwich on each side in the egg mixture.
🍓 Roughly crush 25g honey nut cornflakes, then roll the sandwich on each side in the cornflakes so that they stick to the bread.
🍞 Place in your air fryer basket then air fry at 180C for 6 mins, turning halfway through cooking.
🍓 Alternatively you can pan fry in a medium-sized, non-stick frying pan with a glug of oil for 2-3 mins on each side.
🍞 Serve & slice to reveal the jammy centre. Enjoy! 😊