Cajun Burger – Video

A Stokes recipe by our Resident Chef

Taste without compromise

What you'll need

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Squeezy 485g
Bottle 300g
Case 6x 300g
Bottle 580g
Case 6x 580g
Squeezy 420g
Jar 345g
Case 6x 345g
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This recipe was inspired and filmed to show how simple these Cajun Burgers are to make. Andy uses two of our three founding products – Tomato Ketchup and Real Mayonnaise.
Our Tomato Ketchup uses 200g of sun-ripened, juicy Mediterranean tomatoes, crammed into every 100g of this award-winning ketchup, giving it a rich tomatoey flavour which makes you wonder how you hadn’t discovered it before!
As for our Real Mayonnaise, it’s the egg that makes Real Mayonnaise real and we use more whole egg in our recipe than anyone else we know (12%). British free-range whole eggs at that too, and a healthy dash of Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil for a really luxurious finish!


This is a Video Recipe in which you will see the ingredients for a delicious Cajun Burger.