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Carbon Charter GOLD – because life is precious

This is such wonderful news. We’ve been awarded the coveted GOLD Accreditation Carbon Charter as part of Stokes’ passionate commitment to the environment. We’re well on target to become carbon neutral by the end of the year. It’s a great story…


What is it & Why?


In writing to us, Steff Jones, for the Carbon Charter Panel said:

“I am delighted to inform you the Charter Panel approved accreditation at Gold Level. The Carbon Charter is awarded to organisations that are monitoring and reducing their carbon emissions. It is intended to provide public recognition of this vital step to our shared goal of Creating the Greenest County [Suffolk].

The Gold Charter is only awarded to organisations deemed to be exemplifying best practice in terms of demonstrating significant potential reductions in carbon emissions and championing the environmental agenda.”

Steff went on to say:

It is most unusual to be inducted into the Carbon Charter at Gold level on first application however the Panel was particularly impressed by the high level of commitment and the steps already taken which show a determination to do the utmost in all aspects of sustainability.”

'A sustainably better planet'


The Panel highlighted: recent changes, such as switching to electric vehicles with on-site charging; future commitments so solar power generation; and historic communications to share the message, encouraging others to follow suit.

They also noted the longer term environmental pioneering growing from Rick’s personal drive for ‘a better life on a sustainably better planet‘.

Early Newsletters encouraged our youngsters to re-use, explore and enjoy natural habitats; and for parents to re-use, recycle and protect.

The war on single use plastics


In Rick’s own words:

We are facing a monumental plastic problem on a global scale and our responsibility to do more when it comes to reducing our plastic usage has not gone away. We all have a responsibility to abolish waste in the world and that is our target at Stokes Sauces.

Customers had been asking for squeezable sauce bottles for a long time – understandably, as 97% of tomato ketchup bought in the UK is sold in squeezy bottles.

When we launched our squeezy range in 2019, it was after 4 years finding an ethical manufacturer and working with them to create a 100% recyclable squeezable bottle before giving it the ‘Stokes’ badge of Taste, Quality & Responsibility.



Sharing our precious Planet


The Old Stables, Rendlesham, is a unique, inspirational environment, an artisanal idyll – perfect for creating exceptional sauces.

We care about our people and, unusually, the many animals seeking sanctuary here too.

The walled gardens behind the Old Stables is home to a growing menagerie of rescued animals. Pigs, sheep, peacocks, hens, geese; rheas & emus, cats & dogs; Bennetts wallabies, cattle & goats – all happily sharing their peaceful new lives.

As part of Rick’s drive to carbon neutrality, as well as his love for trees, he has undertaken a large replanting project on the estate.

It’s a great place to make great sauces.

Read more about our Environment & Community thinkingHERE.

Woodlands & Wellbeing

Part of Suffolk’s ‘Greenest County’ project conducted a survey on the values of woodlands and open spaces for boosting wellbeing.

90% of respondents strongly support the idea of establishing ‘healing woods’ in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The creation of healing woods and spaces will give more people better access to the natural environment, offering dedicated places for peaceful reflection and offering a positive focus.

By coincidence, some 16 or so years ago, Rick was running in the ‘primeval oak woodland’ of Staverton Forest.

It was here that Rick found peace and inspiration. He could reflect on core values of quality, compassion and excellence – and the home of fine sauce-making was born.

You really can ‘love’ the products you make and be ‘passionate’ about making them as superbly as they really should be.

But what to call this fledgling business?

‘Staverton & Oaks’. Too long they thought, what about St-Oaks.

No, they said … try Stokes.

And, if you haven’t already, go on – try Stokes !