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Stokes’ sauces are enjoyed by you discerning local food lovers, and by ‘foodies’ across the globe. Ukraine is a beautiful country of beautiful, passionately patriotic people enjoying progressive, free lives. For many, the finer things in life are as natural as golden wheat below clear blue skies.


1 July 2022 – Ukraine, fifth month

One particular retailer, home of wonderful wine and food, enjoys stocking and selling Stokes products from their stores and stylish outlet in Kyiv.

This is an extract from a letter to Jancis Robinson from our lovely retailers ‘The Wine Bureau’ in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Their story is one of resilience in the face of the atrocities being faced daily.

“Dear Friends and Partners,

In the news from Ukraine you all see the most devastated pictures, the continuing atrocities and massive destruction. But what is not properly shown is how common Ukrainians continue their lives by making businesses work, by creating an old atmosphere where it is possible, by making the economy work and bringing back normality.

So today we would like to show you how Wine Bureau lives now, what is still important to us and what the reality is now in Kyiv.

Please, watch the video specially created for you, our dearest friends and simply fantastic people. So follow the LINK.

Thank you for helping us to restart our business. We are one step closer to our victory, one step towards the remarkable future of an independent and picturesque Ukraine.

With warmest regards from our home,

Wine Bureau Team”


Our thoughts are with our friends in Ukraine

Slava Ukraini