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Getting Ready for Spring

The daffodils have started smiling, announcing the approaching Spring. It is a time of hope; fresh fields; lamb’s tails in hedgerows; tadpoles in ponds; spring cleaning at home. Here are a few timely tips to help you get ready: using up ‘part-used’ sauce jars; decorating the empties to re-use; re-cycling to make space.


Use Up & Clean Up


If your fridge and store cupboards are anything like ours, there will be part-used jars of our mint sauce, horseradish, chilli jam, ketchup, brown sauce and more. But ours are never there for long.

Think of Stokes’ sauces, relishes, chutneys and preserves as ingredients rather than simply a delicious dollop on the side of the plate.

The ‘gravy’ in this chicken & mushroom casserole is rich with dates and heady Persian spices (just by stirring in our grownup Brown Sauce); and it’s sweet with red peppers and an after taste of zingy chillis (thanks to a spoon or two of our Chilli Jam) stirred into the pot as it simmers.

There are so many more tasty tips from Resident Chef, Andy in the Recipes pages of the website – HERE – including use-up ideas:



As soon as March arrives (and it has), frogspawn can be spotted in ponds around the whole of the UK. If you come back in April, you’ll find pools of water teeming with tiny tadpoles. On average, it takes around three weeks after spawning for the tadpoles to hatch out of their eggs.

So, we have just 3 weeks to decorate our, now empty,  jars & bottles. What better way to dredge pond water and explore the tiny lives within.

Each tadpole is usually around 12mm long and brown in colour. If you head down to your local pond or stream during summertime, you’ll likely to find a whole host of tadpoles swimming around.



From early consumer campaigns to encourage re-use and recycling of our iconic jars and bottles, Rick decided to take things further.

Customers had been asking for squeezable sauce bottles for a long time – understandably, as 97% of tomato ketchup bought in the UK is sold in squeezy bottles.

When we launched our squeezy range last year, it was after 4 years finding an ethical manufacturer and working with them to create a 100% recyclable squeezable bottle before giving it the ‘Stokes’ badge of Taste, Quality & Responsibility.

But, as usual for Rick, that wasn’t enough.

Our latest major achievement is to be the first business to use not just 100% recyclable plastic bottles in our squeezy range, but bottles now made from 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC.

Read more on our attitude to the Environment & Community – HERE.