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Joyous Jams & Magnificent Marmalades

Traditional jam recipes are simple but often time consuming. Commercial producers can use as little as 350g of fruit per kilo. And some use even less fruits with more additives and flavouring. Our ‘Extra’ Jams use unrefined raw cane sugar and as much as 51% fruit to create jam that’s nothing short of amazing!


We don't believe in minimums


We prefer more with our Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackcurrant extra jams. Stokes Extra Blackcurrant Jam has 510g per kilo – 51% of delicious fruit as our grandparents would traditionally have made it.

In the Old Stables at Rendlesham, knowing eyes watch over slow cooking blackcurrants, as they simmer, waiting for that very fine line between ‘perfect’ and ‘oops’.

Our kitchen staff have an enviable expertise and are as passionate about their jams, preserves, relishes and sauces as we all are.

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Magnificent Marmalade


Toast and marmalade – now that’s a good breakfast. Toast with Stokes Seville Orange Marmalade – now that’s a great breakfast. Once more, we took a traditional English recipe and made it our own to create a classic fine cut marmalade rich with the tangy taste of delicious Seville Oranges.

BUT THERE’S MORE – Exclusively available in The Magnificent Marmalade Collection, we have 3 NEW marmalades to add to our Seville Orange Marmalade:

Lemon & Lime – The fresh zest of Lemons and Limes, perfect for hot buttered toast, oatcakes… And so much more!

Mandarin Marmalade – The finely sweet and sour zesty taste of Mandarin and Seville Oranges blended for a distinctive flavour. Perfect with hot buttered toast, pancakes or ice cream.

Rendlesham Marmalade – Dark – Bitter – Sweet. The traditional British breakfast marmalade … and more.

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Quality as well as Quantity


But it’s not just the amount of fruit. Use 50% poor quality blackcurrants and you can only create poor jam.

It’s all about ingredients.

We go to uncompromising lengths to make sure the blackcurrants we use have that signature juicy sweet / tart flavour; the raspberries are rich, sweet and luscious; and the succulent strawberries have keynotes of Wimbledon.

Stokes use unrefined cane sugar, which is a typical artisan sugar. Produced in smaller batches, it is less processed and retains all or most of the cane molasses around the sugar crystals.

This natural sweetness and additional depth of flavour simmer gently with the extra fruit to give the deeply flavoursome jams we love to deliver.

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