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In this second week of ‘British Food Fortnight’ we look at the importance of good food and its part in maintaining our wellbeing. Beyond basic sustenance, food is fun to create, taste, share and enjoy. Join us and reflect on the joy of eating – together. Eat well, stay safe, stay well.


The Great British Banger


Celebrity chef, Lesley Waters, recently said: “Food trends come and food trends go, but you can always rely on sausages to provide a tasty wholesome meal.”

Totally agree with you Lesley.

British sausages are traditionally made of pork and different herbs and spices, mixed according to ancient and closely guarded recipes, passed down through the ages. It is probable that, because animal welfare is so close to breeders’ hearts, the sausage meat they produce is so good.

Cooked in a hot oven until the skins turn crispy brown and the centres remain juicy and soft. It is vital that the chef sets at least one sausage aside, slices it and tastes it with Stokes Classic English Mustard – at least that’s what I tell the family.

We then add them to finish off in a stew of Norfolk Celery and Suffolk Carrots, simmering in a beefy broth enriched with sweet Tomato Ketchup and our especially spicy Brown Sauce.

Cheerful Chicken


British Free-Range hens (for eggs) and broilers (for meat), well, it’s as good as it gets.

The British Hen Welfare Trust say: “We are proud to say we are staunch supporters of the British egg industry; welfare in the UK is amongst the highest in the world and our great British farmers are willing to listen to consumer concerns on welfare.”

They do so much for the industry and run a Hen Rehoming service which, during COVID, is adopting a safe ‘Cluck & Collect’ variation – true.

Such animal welfare is close to Rick’s heart. By day, Rick is founder and MD of all delicious things Stokes. By night he and his family care for a large (and growing) menagerie of rescue animals.

This is just one of the reasons we only use eggs from British, Welfare Assured, free-range hens in our Real Mayonnaise.

Hunters’ Chicken is a tasty classic, coating chicken breasts with our Original BBQ Sauce, wrapping them in smoky British back bacon, baking and serving with chips, Tomato Ketchup, Real Mayonnaise and perhaps another dollop of BBQ Sauce. Yum.

Fruity Favourites


Teacakes are the term of choice in the West Country, while in Newcastle they favour stotty. Across the border, Glaswegians go for rowies, while those in the Highlands say cob.

What is a roll, batch, bun, butty?

Yorkshire has three popular names with bread-cake, tea-cake and scuffler all in use. Over the Pennines, barm cake and cob are the words used in the bakeries of Liverpool and Lancashire.

Across the Midlands, you are likely to find people using the word batch to describe a bread roll.

It’s only at Easter we seem to unite to enjoy a good ol’ Hot Cross Bun. It just happens to be Easter every day in our household for a toasted HCB, lavished with lusciously lemony Stokes Lemon Curd.

In the Old Stables at Rendlesham, knowing eyes watch over slow cooking blackcurrants, as they simmer, waiting for that very fine line between ‘perfect’ and ‘oops’, ready for our Extra Blackcurrant Jam.

Our kitchen staff have an enviable expertise and are as passionate about their jams, preserves, relishes and sauces as we all are.

We go to uncompromising lengths to make sure the blackcurrants we use have that signature juicy sweet / tart flavour; the raspberries are rich, sweet and luscious; and the succulent strawberries in our Extra Jams have keynotes of Wimbledon.

Ordered, Delivered, Enjoyed



Enjoy the Taste of Stokes

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