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It’s time to don the shoulder pads, flash the gold chain and comb back the mullet as we check out the Top 10. Not Graceland, this is Tasteland and a look at the most popular sauces it produces. Cue the music ‘Pot Pickers’ …


6. Chilli Jam


Today we’re looking at the second row, 6 to 10 of the Top Ten ‘most popular’ products list. For a reminder of 1 to 5, CLICK HERE.

In at 6 on the list, this is one of the stars of the Stokes portfolio and an absolute ‘must have’ in the store cupboard – Chilli Jam.

It’s a deliciously sticky jam, bursting with sweet chilli peppers, red peppers and red chilli heat. Spoon it onto literally anything that deserves a bit of chilli enlightenment.

Spoon it into Chilli con Carne or add a little power to a sheepish Shepherd’s Pie. Add it to the mashed potato mixture before frying Potato Cakes served with crushed avocado and a deliciously runny egg.

7. Coronation Sauce


A twentieth century classic, it’s creamy, fruity and spicy all at once. Made with apricots, sultanas and curry spices for the delicious classic chicken sauce.

It is scrumptious simply spooned and folded into chunks of cooked chicken.

Having originated in Colonial India, you can create a dish worthy of the Raj by adding more fruit (sultanas, mango and apple) and mixing equal portions of our Coronation Sauce with a rich, smooth creamed cheese.

Serve this with a salad or as the filling for a jacket potato – it’s wonderful.

8. Garlic Mayonnaise


Our Real Mayonnaise was one of the first products to benefit from Stokes ethos of taste, quality & responsibility. Quality is derived from our unerring insistence on using the finest ingredients possible.

We use only whole eggs from British free range Welfare Assured hens into which we drizzle very fine rapeseed oil to create the product’s core. Velvety smooth and subtly flavoured.

The garlic is puréed and added to make our Garlic Mayonnaise, creating the richness and flavour of a fine quality aioli – it is utterly delicious.

Stir it into mashed potatoes for a smooth finish and subtle garlic finish. Toss it with shredded vegetables for garlic coleslaw. Squeeze a little lemon juice into it before giving fresh prawns a real treat.

9. Red Onion Marmalade


Our Red Onion Marmalade is an exceptional red onion relish made with sticky black treacle and rich balsamic vinegar in which the onions simmer and reduce for two hours to caramelise. It is a full flavoured relish with a delicious sweet sauce.

The Great Taste judges commented ‘A clever twist on a classic condiment. Good soft onions and the balance between the balsamic and treacle.’

It is great with cheese, cold meats, meat pies and a traditional ploughman’s lunch.

Try rolling out a sheet of puff pastry. Cut it into smaller squares, folding a 1cm raised border to each side. Spoon Red Onion Marmalade across the base with grated Cheddar cheese over the top. Brush the border with a beaten egg then pop it into a moderate oven. When the border rises to a golden brown and the cheese browns and bubbles excitedly – it’s ready … are you?

10. Bloody Mary Ketchup


For anyone with a taste for really good ketchup, our Bloody Mary Ketchup will make you smile.

It is our classic tomato ketchup made with a shot of real vodka, a splash of Worcestershire sauce and a tasty pinch of Bloody Mary spices. Rich, colourful and full of body – perfect for that ‘morning after’ bacon butty.

The Great Taste Award judges commented ‘Deep roasted tomato colour with a nose of exactly what the ingredients state. There is a sweetness on the front of the palate followed by some intense heat that lingers on. The tomato flavours are rich and inviting.’

For a really special seafood sauce, try Bloody Mary Rose Sauce, combining 1 part Bloody Mary Ketchup with 2 or 3 parts Real Mayonnaise.


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