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Exciting New BBQ Sauces

We are so, so pleased to announce the launch of our new Korean BBQ Sauce and our Bourbon & Cajun BBQ Sauce. Though we say so ourselves – they’re pretty darn good, with wonderful authentic flavours from around the world.


Stokes Korean BBQ Sauce


With a rich dark fruit flavour, our Korean BBQ Sauce has been created using spices, soya and Mirin wine for an authentic taste.

The premium sauce is ideal for drizzling over BBQ meat, as a dipping sauce or to add a Korean twist to a stir fry.

Add a couple of dashes to some stir fried vegetables and noodles, quickly mixed in with a little chopped fresh coriander and enjoy.

For a quick and easy dipping sauce, mix a few tbsp of Korean BBQ Sauce, 1 tbsp of fresh orange juice and a squeeze of fresh lime – it’s perfect for spring rolls.

You can make a fantastic marinade for Chicken or Beef by mixing together a few generous dashes of Korean BBQ Sauce with a slug of dry sherry, a chopped red chilli (or our Chilli Jam) and a thumb size piece of grated fresh ginger. Leave it to marinate for a couple of hours before grilling – indoors or out.

Stokes Bourbon & Cajun BBQ Sauce


Inspired by flavours from ‘across the pond’, our Bourbon & Cajun BBQ Sauce is sweet and spicy with a Louisiana style Cajun seasoning. It can be used as a dipping sauce and marinade.

The sweetness is derived from sticky black treacle with an added kick of Kentucky Bourbon that will create a caramelised taste when grilled on BBQ meat.

Make an instant marinade by adding some dark beer to your Bourbon & Cajun BBQ Sauce – it’s truly great for Chicken, Ribs and Sausages.

Mix 2 or 3 tbsp of Stokes Real Mayonnaise with 1 tbsp of Bourbon & Cajun BBQ Sauce – ideal as a dip for Tortilla chips.

Make our BBQ Sauce your own by using Bourbon & Cajun BBQ Sauce as a base and add your own ingredients. Try chopped red chillies or Jalapeno peppers for extra kick, with Tabasco sauce and fresh oregano for a Creole twist to the BBQ.

For the Love of BBQ - Just Add Taste


These two new BBQ Sauces add to our hugely popular existing range:

Stokes Original BBQ Sauce is thick and smoky with natural blossom honey and a molasses-style sweetness that can be used as an accompaniment, a marinade or a dipping sauce.

Stokes Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce is just that. To balance the heat of the chillis, it has even more molasses and honey to sweeten the initial smoky BBQ flavours, letting the spicy heat develop as an after flavour.

Stokes Sweet & Sticky BBQ Sauce is another flavoursome variation, deeply sweet with a sensational kick of British horseradish and Worcestershire sauce to balance the sticky maple syrup.

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