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Classics with ‘special’ twists to make them so deliciously Stokes: Cocktail Sauce for seafood, Mustard & Dill Sauce for an instant Gravadlax; Coronation Sauce for a classic Coronation Chicken in a simple stir; Sweet Chilli Sauce for easy Asian stir fries; and Hoisin Sauce for very lucky duck.


Stokes Hoisin Sauce


This is a wonderfully rich, sweet sauce made with Yellowbean sauce, soy sauce and red chillis, a complex combination of sweet & spicy oriental spices. It’s an oriental classic that, once tasted, will have you coming back for more.

Our Hoisin Sauce is the classic accompaniment to duck and great as a dip or marinade.

We just can’t overuse the word ‘classic’ – next time you order takeaway Peking Duck, be sure to have Stokes Hoisin Sauce and prepare to be carried away to the Orient.

Stokes Sweet Chilli Sauce


A favourite in stir fries and so tasty in a dip, glaze or marinade giving oriental ‘wow’ to fishcakes and prawns.  Made with red chillies and red peppers, our Sweet Chilli Sauce overflows with oriental vitality.

With its sweet clean taste, this sauce is deliciously versatile – make it the centerpiece to one of your great stir fries.

Mix a few tablespoons with cream cheese before stirring into pasta.

Pour a little over salmon fillets and cook them in a foil pouch for 10 to 15 minutes to add a fresh dimension to your fish.

Spoon it over strips of cooked chicken with slices of peppers and lettuce for a fresh wrap filling, or simply shake it onto breaded goujons in a lunchtime burger.

Stokes Mustard & Dill Sauce


A personal favourite, this is a spooning sauce with a gentle mustard tang and strong dill flavour for the perfect addition to smoked salmon, turning it into an instant Scandinavian Gravadlax.

Mix a little Mustard & Dill Sauce with our Real Mayonnaise to create a yummy dipping sauce for breaded goujons of fish (homemade fish fingers).

Use a little with buttered new potatoes for a warm potato salad to accompany – well, the foil baked Salmon we mentioned earlier.


Stokes Coronation Sauce


A twentieth century classic, it’s creamy, fruity and spicy all at once. Made with apricots, sultanas and curry spices for the delicious classic chicken sauce.

It is scrumptious simply spooned and folded into chunks of cooked chicken.

Having originated in Colonial India, you can create a dish worthy of the Raj by adding fruit (sultanas, mango and apple) and mixing equal portions of our Coronation Sauce with a rich, smooth creamed cheese.

Serve this with a salad or as the filling for a jacket potato – it’s wonderful.

Stokes Cocktail Sauce


A rich and creamy, tomatoey sauce that’s perfect for seafood. We make it with rapeseed oil, free range whole eggs, puréed tomato and a little Worcestershire sauce.

Mix our delicious Cocktail Sauce with prawns, chicken or tuna for a wonderful jacket potato topping, or sandwich filling with fish fingers.

Stir a little Sweet Chilli Sauce into it for an amazing dipping sauce.


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