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Tasty Twists

Getting creative – the tasy way.


Creamed Horseradish


A gentle, deliciously smooth creamed horseradish sauce that lets you enjoy its full flavour and won’t bring tears to your eyes.

It’s a truly elegant alternative made with combined wild and cultivated horseradish root and single cream.

TIP: try adding a couple of spoonfuls of our Creamed Horseradish Sauce into buttery smooth mashed potatoes.

It turns a good mash into a great mash in moments.

Prawn Cocktail with:

Combining two of Stokes’ true greats – our Real Mayonnaise and Bloody Mary Tomato Ketchup, we create a unique Bloody Mary Rose Sauce fit for the juiciest salad of prawns.

For our Mayonnaise, we use only whole eggs from British free range Welfare Assured hens into which a very fine rapeseed oil is drizzled.

Then, to make it stand out from the rest, extra virgin Cretan Koroneiki olive oil is added too. We only use the finest Dead Sea salt giving all the flavour whilst using far less.

Mix 3 parts Mayonnaise with 1 part Bloody Mary Ketchup – pure beauty in a bottle, rich with juicy Italian tomatoes to which we add a shot of vodka and a unique blend of Bloody Mary spices … perfect for that ‘morning after’ bacon sandwich.

Alter the combinations to taste to put a Bloody Mary Rose Cocktail smile on the face of any prawn.

Luscious Lemon Curd


Easter is Hot Cross Buns; Hot Cross Buns are Lemon Curd; Lemon Curd is Stokes thick, lemony sweet, simply amazing Lemon Curd.

Traditionally eaten on Good Friday to mark the end of Lent, the richer, sweeter, fruitier, spicier Hot Cross Buns are better still with lashings of Stokes Lemon Curd.

Fabulous Figs


Even in difficult times, a little indulgence goes a long way.

Stokes Fig Relish is sweet with a slight tartness, brimming with dried figs (60%) and made with cider vinegar and molasses. It’s a great complement to cheese, particularly smoked cheese.

Spread a thick slice of rustic bread with a coat of Fig Relish. Use a peeler to peel ribbons of smoked cheese to layer over the relish and grill until the cheese bubbles invitingly.

Or, just pop it onto the side of a cheese platter and indulge.