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Supporting the Children of Ukraine

We have been utterly moved and distressed by the ongoing situation in Ukraine. We’ve been supporting their cause in many ways, but now, we are delighted to partner with and introduce you to ‘Ukraine Charity’ and your own opportunity to help the sick, injured, displaced and orphaned children of Ukraine.


Ukraine Charity, who are they.


Ukraine Charity was established in 2007 in London in order to raise funds for various charitable causes in Ukraine.

Its primary focus has been on helping orphans and underprivileged children and young adults in Ukraine.

However, at the beginning of 2022 the charity focused its established efforts, teams and resources to providing much needed humanitarian relief after the invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine Charity particularly focus on the needs of children. Pre ’22 their work sought to improve health care in such areas as foetal monitoring, infant jaundice, childhood leukaemia, neurological and cardiovascular conditions and visual impairment.

​Many of our project initiatives were suggested by fundraisers, while other cases, come from Ukrainian charities, local hospitals and children’s clinics reaching out for help.​

This is their Just Giving page – HERE.

2022 War Crisis Appeal


In their own words:

Given the acute humanitarian crisis created by the Russian invasion, Ukraine Charity is now fundraising for emergency medical supplies for Ukrainian hospitals.

​​The funds will be used to procure medicines and medical equipment from UK and European suppliers. Donations have already been used to purchase trauma treatment packages, and the list of other essentials to be supplied is growing rapidly.

A team of volunteers is currently liaising with the Ukrainian national healthcare system and verified local NGOs on the one side, and with suppliers that can address these needs on the other side.

The current focus is on first aid. Critical supplies to be secured at the next stage include portable ventilators, patient monitors, defibrillators, ultrasound diagnostic devices, first aid kits and emergency surgery equipment.

This is their Just Giving page – HERE.

Children Love to Play


But, the hidden dangers are all around.

This is a Ukraine Charity project, from their Facebook posts:

De-mining is an extremely difficult and dangerous job that rescuers perform at the risk of their lives, and our support with you will provide them with the necessary tools and safety equipment.

Together with you, our benefactors, we were able to provide 100 tourniquets of the ATS to help the emergency and rescue team of pyrotechnicians to demine the mine-contaminated territory of Ukraine.

This will help save the lives of Ukrainians and protect them from the dangers associated with mines and other explosive devices.

The contribution of each of us is of great importance and helps make Ukraine safer.

This is their Just Giving page – HERE.

Getting Aid where it's needed


War removes more than food, water, power, and healthcare – it removes human dignity.

This is another Ukraine Charity project from their Facebook posts:

172 children with disabilities from the Kyiv region receive charitable assistance.

Together with you, our benefactors and patrons, we helped the TulSun Foundation — in cooperation with the charity crowdfunding platform bekind.ua to purchase inclusive equipment worth UAH 511,699.68 (almost £11,000) for the Fastiv Educational Rehabilitation Centre.

Now 172 children will have more comfort in their everyday lives, and will receive treatment faster.

Special thanks to @tulsun.foundation for caring for and helping these children. And you, our benefactors, thank you for trusting our charity and continuing to donate.

This is their Just Giving page – HERE.



Ukraine Charity is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales ​(Registration No. 1163036).

Sensibly, they have a Just Giving page, which is where we would like to direct you.

The page gives a summary of what they do and how they do it.

This is their Just Giving page – HERE.

Please help the children of Ukraine.


Thank you.