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Do you remember when you were a kid?

One of our many independent fine food retailers, The Wine Bureau, operates from a stylish outlet … in Kyiv. Life changed on 24th February. They and their fellow people of Ukraine have become the epitome of stalwart bravery and passionate patriotism. Today we want to help them HELP THE CHILDREN OF UKRAINE FOR CHRISTMAS.


Make Christmas a Happy One

Since 24 Feb, we have followed their letters published by Jancis Robinson. Many have been too upsetting to share, but those we have can be seen HERE.

Their story is one of resilience in the face of the atrocities being faced daily.

Today, we want to ask you to help make Christmas a happier one for the many thousands of displaced, wounded and sick children of Ukraine.

This is how you can help:

Kids for Kids

“There are so many Ukrainian children left without holidays at all in 2022. Kids who, like every other child, want to feel the Christmas spirit. Who dream of a peaceful Christmas, for the whole family to be reunited. And just one other wish for everyone.”

The Wine Bureau have introduced us to The Kiev Volunteer Group who are facilitating ‘Kids for Kids’.

‘Kids for kids’ will connect little dreamers from across the globe for little dreamers who remained in Ukraine despite everything.

Any kid anywhere in the world may put together their own magical gift box and send it to a kid in Ukraine.

Bless You and Thank You

Kids can think of anything that would be worth showing to their new friend, anything that would be kind of cool to get as a present for themselves.

Toys, secret notebooks, superhero supersocks, a cute little pebble or a shell from a faraway beach, favourite treats or even a legit handwritten letter with a contact for future correspondence (who said it all should be digital?).

Anything that can make the magic happen can go into the box.

Click on the link below for more details and a charming video – two children talking about the magic of Christmas.

Fill out the form to participate and make a Christmas miracle happen for the kids on any side of any border. Kids don’t care about borders anyway.


With Christmas feelings in the air,

Wine Bureau Team

Slava Ukraini