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Condiments to Relish

These jars of pure joy add so much to mealtimes – stirred into a delicious sauce to make it tastier still; sitting on the base of a burger as you dress it; and spooned onto the side of the plate to enjoy with a juicy compilation of ‘yumminess’:


In it, on it, with it


Mustard, especially our Classic English Mustard on the side of the plate with cold cuts of ham or a lovely pork pie – classic. Stirred into a white sauce or simple cider and vegetable stock reduction for pork chops, it adds so much from so little.

The sweet jam that encompasses gentle chilli heat in our Chilli Jam makes a wonderful relish in a burger. But stirred into a beefy gravy, it makes Yorkshire Puddings beg for more.

Our Sticky Pickle is one of those great all rounders – delicious with everything. It is a scrumptiously sticky pickle with our own unique blend of vegetables in a sweet and spicy sauce made with molasses and black treacle.

Warm the Cockles of Your Heart


Meet one of the stars of the Stokes portfolio and an absolute ‘must have’ in the store cupboard – Chilli Jam.

It’s a deliciously sticky jam, bursting with sweet chilli peppers, red peppers and red chilli heat. Spoon it onto literally anything that deserves a bit of chilli enlightenment.

These crispy roast potatoes have been given the chilli treatment with our Chilli Jam and a sprinkle of fennel seeds. Spoon it into chilli con carne or add a little power to a sheepish Shepherd’s Pie.

Our warming Creamed Horseradish Sauce is a gentle, deliciously smooth creamed horseradish sauce that lets you enjoy its full flavour and won’t bring tears to your eyes. It’s a truly elegant alternative, made with combined wild and cultivated horseradish root and single cream.

TIP: try stirring a couple of spoonfuls of our Creamed Horseradish Sauce into buttery smooth mashed potatoes. It turns a good mash into a great mash in moments

Bursting with Flavour


This sweet Fig Relish of ours has a slight tartness, brimming with dried figs (60%) and made with cider vinegar and molasses for a great complement to cheese.

Try this – a slice of ciabatta-style bread, fig relish, goat’s cheese and under the grill for a tasty snack.

Our classic Mint Sauce is made with sweet, aromatic garden mint, white wine vinegar and unrefined raw cane sugar for the delicious simplicity of this ‘almost’ traditional sauce to serve with lamb.

It’s a must on or stirred into the ingredients for a juicy lamb kofta, or stirred into our Real Mayonnaise for a rich dipping sauce.

Marvellous Mustards


This is our own special take on an old English classic. Our Classic English Mustard recipe and amazing ingredients create a smooth and strong mustard but without the ‘burn’ you get with some that forget mustard is there to complement the flavours of the meat. Mustard lovers will give this one their casting vote !

Made with cider vinegar, British dry cider, horseradish and a blend of yellow and black mustard seeds this Cider & Horseradish ‘Wholegrain’ Mustard has everything. You’ll find it is sophisticated, with delicious layers of texture and flavour.

For a beautiful dressing, simply whisk Stokes Cider & Horseradish Mustard with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon (or orange) juice to dress a salad of sweet pears, smooth Camembert-style Tunworth Cheese and bitter chicory.

A strong, smooth mustard made with finely ground mustard seeds in the Dijon area of Burgundy, France. To be good enough to carry the Stokes badge of taste and quality, we have chosen a truly wonderful Dijon Mustard to add to our collection.

Ordered, Delivered, Enjoyed



Enjoy the Taste of Stokes

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