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10 ways to use Chilli Jam

What you'll need

Steps to take

1. Add a dollop to your gravy for a spicy kick!

2. Round off your chilli con carne or bolognaise with a spoonful.

3. Stir into your summer pasta sauces for a sweet, warm flavour.

4. Brush over roast pork for the last 30 minutes for a sweet and spicy glaze!

5. Spice up your chocolate cake mix by adding a spoonful before cooking.

6. Mix with mango chutney for a tangy chicken marinade. 

7. Add a splash of wine to create a dressing, for full flavoured salads or even a dip!

8. Mix in with mash, it makes a great accompaniment to fish dishes.

9. Add a tea spoon to hot chocolate for a real winter warmer!

10. Stir into your stir fry for a sticky, sweet flavour. 

10 ways to use Chilli Jam