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At Stokes we decided to create the most perfect mayonnaise possible: a mayonnaise that would not only withstand an “on-its-own-straight-from-the-jar-on-a-spoon” taste test, but also complement, rather than overpower, a myriad of dishes. In short, a mayonnaise that would make good food taste even better.

Firstly, we determined to use whole egg. You can make a decent mayonnaise with just egg yolks, but the white contains so many essential nutrients and trace elements it just didn’t make sense to us to omit it. And, of course, the eggs had to be from free range hens. We chose to use just British free range as we prefer their stricter-than-most regulations to protect the hens’ welfare.

The other main ingredient, oil, took much research, hunting and tasting (and some nice travelling too!) As our base we use rapeseed oil, which has great benefits in lowering cholesterol, and then we add at 5% a very special Greek extra virgin koroneiki olive oil.

The koroneiki olives are considerably smaller than many other olives, making them trickier to harvest and meaning that many more are required to produce the same amount of oil. However, the quality of the oil is so high, that it is worth the extra effort. The Greeks consider the koroneiki olive to be the “queen of olives”. Although not good for snacking due to their bitterness, they produce a lush, velvety, dark green oil with a satisfyingly smooth flavour. For us at Stokes, once we had tried Greek extra virgin koroneiki olive oil in our recipe, nothing else would do.

As an added bonus, the koroneiki olive trees are incredibly beautiful. They have two-tone leaves - light and dark green - and one tree can produce both green and purple olives simultaneously. A grove of koroneiki olive trees with a breeze rippling through them is a truly stunning sight.

If you would like to see these trees for yourself, and to find out exactly how special our extra virgin olive oil is, just enter our simple competition. The first prize is a three day trip for two foodies to Crete, including a personal guided tour to a koroneiki olive grove. There are also ten runners-up prizes of luxury Stokes hampers.

Olive Trees

For a chance to to win this foodie trip for two to Greece, simply tell us your name, email address and 'what type of Extra Virgin Olive Oil we use in our Real Mayonnaise in the entry form above. CLICK TO ENTER