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STOKES make it, so you can take it EASY

Making meals from scratch at home is the future. So, we have created Stokes EASY to help ‘budding home chefs’. With these ‘Meal-Making’ Sauces you’ll create extraordinary, restaurant-quality meals in your own kitchens.


Be the Quality Chef in Your Own Kitchen

This is the EASY way to cook restaurant-quality meals at home, using simple ingredients, lifted with wonderfully authentic flavours, aromas and culinary twists from across the globe.

Every recipe has been created to Stokes’ own imaginative development of fine international classics.

Each 175g ‘Meal-Making Sauce’ jar opens to the worldly flavours of:


You’ll find lots of recipes HERE.


Andy, our resident Innovation Chef, when asked where the innovation comes from, said:

Innovation can be driven by many factors such as seasonality, health, comfort, cost etc. In the case of Stokes Easy, the first product, Katsu, actually came from a memory of Rick’s [MD].

Rick remembered that he used to have Sausages with Mash and mild curry sauce. Katsu was a flavour profile that I think matched that memory. It’s mild, fruity and tangy; a sweet, really versatile Japanese-style curry, enriched with soy sauce, honey & coconut.

And he’s right – Katsu Curried Bangers ‘n’ Mash taste amazing.”

The hard work has been done

The hard work has already been done.

Each Meal-Making Sauce comes complete with a simple 3 x Step Recipe and tasty tips from Stokes’ Food Technician & Resident Chef, Andy.

For example: Mexican Shakshuka the EASY way

Salsa Roja is a Mexican inspired sauce of sweet red peppers, juicy tomatoes, jalapeno peppers and a little red chilli to create a rich ‘meal-maker’ with a gentle heat.

3 x steps:

  1. fry off to soften sliced red pepper and red onion.
  2. add the Salsa Roja, fresh tomatoes, kidney beans and simmer.
  3. crack and bake a couple of eggs in the oven and serve, garnished with avocado and feta cheese.


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Be the Soloist in Your Own Kitchen

EASY Meal-Making Sauces from Stokes – the new ‘store cupboard essential’ for kitchens 2022.

Quote: It is the sauce that distinguishes a good chef. The Saucier is the soloist in the orchestra of a great kitchen.”       Fernand Point. (Early 20thC chef.)

Be the soloist in your kitchen with:

Red Wine & Green Peppercorns. A classic accompaniment for a juicy steak, or stirred into a fine beef casserole.

This Stokes EASY ‘Meal-Maker’ is made with a rich beef stock, Claret, Ruby Port and aromatic Indian green peppercorns.

For a classic steak night, steak sauce & chips:

3 x steps:

  1. fry steaks to your liking and rest.
  2. in the same pan, heat and flame off a drop of brandy in the juices.
  3. add your Stokes EASY Meal-Making Sauce, double cream and chopped tarragon to the pan …

whisk, bubble, enjoy.


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Simply delicious in 20 minutes


For your simple midweek pasta supper:

Add the great, classic flavours of the Mediterranean:

Pomodoro is a delicious combination of juicy Italian tomatoes, garlic, Greek extra virgin olive oil and Mediterranean herbs.

3 x steps:

  1. cook a pan of your favourite pasta.
  2. fry chopped red pepper, red onion and freshly sliced tomatoes adding your ‘meal-maker’ after 5 minutes and simmer.
  3. drain the pasta and fold it through the Pomodoro with a dollop of creamed cheese and chopped basil.

Twist, Scoop, 1.2.3. Serve, Enjoy !


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Table for two please


No reservations needed; no masks worn; no driving.

Just a lovely relaxing supper at home.


With a few fresh ingredients in the fridge; an EASY ‘Meal-Maker’ in the cupboard; a 3 x Step recipe on the label; or some extra suggestions on line … home cooking just gets better and better.

It’s so … EASY !

Great Food . Made Better . From Stokes